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The ultimate pampering experience is waiting for you at Bliss Beauty + Float in Hove.

Whether your goal is relaxation, beauty or body recovery, we guarantee you won’t leave with a single stressed-out bone in your body.

Image credit :: Sally Badnall 

Float your worries away

If you’ve never tried a float tank before, now is the time to do it. Floatation therapy is designed to bring you to a whole new level of relaxation. The warm water is filled with a high concentration of epsom salts, which gives you the sensation of being weightless — even if you’ve had a few extra pastries lately. With the reduced light, sound and sense of gravity, the magnesium works to repair your muscles, while the combination of meditative surrounds and healing epsom salts will leave you feeling completely zen.

If you’re anxious about your first time in a float tank, the Bliss team has two options available: one tank that remains open so you can ease into the process, and one where you can slide the lid closed if you wish, enclosing you into an egg-shaped capsule so you can completely switch off.

Image credit :: Sally Badnall 

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Give yourself some TLC

Stress can do serious damage to our skin, so breathe some life back into your noggin’ with the microdermabrasion facial or LED light therapy facial. If your whole body is feeling run down, opt for either a relaxation or remedial massage, or try something completely different and buff away your problems with the full-body salt exfoliation. Your body will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom and your skin will look refreshed and ready to take on the world. If your partner or one of your besties needs some time out, the combined float and relaxation packages make the perfect pressie (hint hint, to any friends reading this).

Image credit :: Sally Badnall 

Maintain that bod

It’s not easy to always look immaculate, but with Bliss Beauty + Float you’re one step closer to perfection with their full range of beauty services. Walk in the front door a dishevelled mess and walk out with a golden glow, fluttering eyelashes, shiny fingers and toes, and no strange patches of hair where you don’t really want them to be. The beauty gurus at Bliss do it all.

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