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As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as a man’s world — there’s room for anyone to do anything that they dream. Litsa Adamou is our proof. As SA’s first female building inspector, she is well on her way to smashing that glass ceiling and achieving everything that makes her happy!

1. What’s your background story? 

My name is Litsa Adamou and I am the first female building inspector in South Australia at House Inspect Australia. I am a proud mum to daughter Ana, 11, and son Yianni, 9, and work alongside my partner in life and business, Barney Adamou. 

Born on the Greek island of Samos, I lived most my childhood in Adelaide and most of my teens tanning on those Greek island beaches. I moved back to Adelaide in 2001, to work and study a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Management Marketing at the University of South Australia. My academic passion saw me go back to University in 2018 to undertake post graduate studies in Teaching, ending up with a GPA I am very proud of 

My post uni career began as a public servant in 2006, climbing the corporate ladder and in 2019 I was promoted to Assistant Director, in the Federal Government. I had achieved my career goal 10 years earlier than I expected! 

I have since discovered that my passion has always been the building industry and helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. That is when in 2020 I took my leap of faith to join my husband in the building inspection industry. 

I have almost completed my building and construction qualifications and go to work everyday living my dream and looking to inspire others to follow their dreams. 

2. What’s your daily mantra?  

There are days where between running our business, studying and learning the ropes of a new industry I completely run out of hours and breath and that can get tough with two young kids in primary school and a household to run. What I say to myself is simple — success does not come easy or to those who wait for it to find them!

I remind myself to be kind to myself and to have gratitude for this opportunity. I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zoneovercome complacency and as a result my business and work does not feel like a ‘job’ anymore. These feelings motivate me and reassure me that I have made the right decision. 

3. What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?  

The best piece of advice that I have been given is that if you love something and are passionate about what you do and helping people, you will find a way to succeed in it. That followed on with the advice that the sky is my new limit and that by entering this new phase in my life I am shattering the ‘glass ceiling.’ This birds eye view of my leap of faith, really gave me the perspective and validation I was after. 

4. Who’s the person that you look up to?  

This is a tricky question as I look up to many people in my life for many different reasons. My parents’ values and hard work ethic have always resonated with me. My grandparents brave move to a new country as immigrants to Australia, has always inspired me to follow my dreams. 

My husband’s undying support and his commitment to the building industry has helped me take this leap of faith with confidence.  

Finally, my children! Yes, I look up to my two children for their agility and ability to always see the bright side of things, even in a dull situation. They give me perspective and they remind me to be resilient and optimistic. 

5. What’s your favourite place in SA?  

absolutely love the Barossa Valley. I am thankful that this beautiful part of the world is at our doorstep, living here in South Australia. The scenery, wine and food is just amazing! 

6. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?  

I remember at my Year 7 graduation speech I said I wanted to be an interior decorator. I was always good at drawing and art and I loved home design and building trends from a young age. 

7. We love to celebrate the little wins — what was one of your most celebrated moments in your business?  

For me it was making the decision to join our business and take on the challenge of becoming the first building inspector in SA.  

I had a day off work back in August 2019 and I was in the midst of trying to work out what I wanted to do for the next 30 years of my career. My husband said he had an inspection to do in the Barossa Valley that day and that I should join him and we could have lunch in Tanunda afterwards.

I remember the feeling of walking into this new home and helping with the inspection and Barney turning around and telling me that he had not seen me this happy for a long time. At that moment I had my answer… I could do this! 

That light bulb moment was exciting and scary all at the same timeI reached out to Mike Pearl, the founder of House Inspect Australia and after an incredible phone conversation, Mike simply asked “so when are you joining us?”.  

8. When you got your first pay check, what’s the first thing you bought?  

I was 17 and at that point I was determined to buy my first property once I turned 18. So, other than petrol for my car and clothes for work, I saved, saved, saved! Once I turned 18, I bought my first property, a unit at Torrensville and that was such a rewarding feeling. So, I count that as my first real purchase as a result of my first pay check!  

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