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By Hayley Pearson


Kylea and Lauren Waller 4

Sisters who can actually make finance sound fun! WTF? Believe me, I thought it wasn’t possible, until I met Kylea and Lauren. Two Adelaide sisters who have created a little dream for themselves and are, in turn, putting a zing into finance!

Kylea is the Co-Founder at MyMoneyZen. She started studying Business Administration (yes she likes filling out forms, *nerd alert*), and then Frontline Management. Her love for budgeting and finance was realised when she developed a budget plan that actually worked. She began helping out her family and friends until she got to the point where she thought, “Hey I can probably help more people AND start my own business doing this.”

“I’m so passionate about what I do, MyMoneyZen is undoubtedly my life’s work. The idea that incredibly talented people, who kick butt at work, come home and feel crap about themselves because they don’t think they’re good with money, makes me so driven to bring this to Adelaide and to the world.”

Her sister Lauren, the co-founder of MyMoneyZen is also passionate about helping people live a great life and make a difference along the way.

The girls started MyMoneyZen at the beginning of 2015, and the past year has been an absolute blast for them. “One of the joys of starting a company is being really clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what your values are. Even though we’re only a small team, we’ve been really inspired to create traditions that keep our values alive.”

MyMoneyZen is an online course which teaches you how to set up an automatic system to manage your money for you. Once it’s set up there’s no tracking of expenses necessary, so it’s great for people who have no time to spend worrying about their money – like me!

To find out how you can be clear and in control of your money head on over to their crowdfunding campaign to secure early bird pricing!

This week they are our Inspirational Adeladies – here are their fave places in Adelaide:

Hayley xx


Kylea and Lauren Waller 3


Froth & Fodder. I absolutely love the coffee obviously, but also the food (all day brunch – hallelujah), the local produce, the décor and the lovely staff. And perhaps one of the most quirky/awesome things is the location. It’s like a flower that has popped up between the cracks! So cool!

12705276_903704043071042_616187576410262719_nImage credit: Froth & Fodder 


The Vineyard Retreat in McLaren Vale. These are little luxurious cabins tucked away amongst the vineyards in McLaren Vale. They have great décor, little fireplaces, private decks to drink a glass of wine on, and so many luxurious inclusions. McLaren Vale is so close to Adelaide, and yet you feel like you’re in the country. Plus they’re located close to fantastic restaurants like d’Arry’s Verandah. Hot tip – when you go for lunch, get “Chook” from Chooks Little Winery Tours to drive you. This way you can “enjoy yourself” without having to worry about driving. Safety first people. Taxis are a no go in McLaren Vale, they often don’t show up, and Chook is such a fun guy, so it’s a no brainer. Kylea spent one of the best weekends of her life at The Vineyard. Just go now, and thank us later.

Manhattan slider 1-162668ba0dImage credit: The Vineyard Retreat 


Sazón Espresso. We’re hills girls, so we go to Sazón Espresso for all our work and social coffee dates. We often head down there to break up the work day and get a little caffeine fix. And if we can’t get there, we spend at least 10 minutes talking about how good it would be to go there. We also love the all day breakfast (can you tell we like breakfast?) and a Mexican Street Food night here and there – especially the fresh Strawberry Margaritas & Sangria! We often joke that we should have bought shares in Sazón (terrible sisters joke).

 10906509_1030821593598706_6807013115829090698_nImage credit: Sazón Espresso

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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