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This time of year we really do put the RAD in Radelaide. With so many awesome Adelaide Fringe shows to see and so many people buzzing around the city, our CBD is more alive than ever!

You should see as many Fringe shows as you can – but your night doesn’t have to stop when the curtain closes. Stay out and party! We’ve enlisted the help of an ex-Adelady who knows how to shake her tail feather – Liz, founder and director of Bey Dance, a dance community dedicated to the choreography and spirit of Beyonce. It’s bloody brilliant! Go and unleash your inner diva at the Bey Dance Flawless Fringe Workshops at Gluttony!

Today, she’s sharing with us the best places to out and boogie in Adelaide!

Hayley xx

Fave venues to drop it like it’s hot

Most of my ‘go out and shake what ya mama gave ya’ times in Adelaide happen during the Fringe. And during this busy time most of my dancing seems to happen at a handful of venues: The Artist Club, special event Fringe dance nights, and my beloved home away from home, Rhino Room. When Craig Egan hits the decks at Rhino Room, I know I won’t be making it home before 5am. He knows all the songs that will have me owning the d-floor in an utterly shameless and sometimes dangerous way.

This is me, dancing to Tom Ballard on the decks at Rhino Room

If you’re looking for more Fringe dance fun you have to go to Andy McClelland’s ‘DJ Phone Home’; one of the best, most innovative and addictive dance nights since Hot Dub Time Machine. However, back in the day when I lived in Adelaide year round, I loved dancing at Zhivago on a Sunday night, Jive on Hindley St and you might be surprised, but to Beatles cover bands at The Cavern – Because yes, underneath this pop-loving hip-hop diva is a closet go-go dancer that loves to pony her way through the night.

Fave venues for Big LOLz

Rhino Room all year round. In fact, Rhino Room is my answer to most questions. Craig Egan runs a phenomenal scene with Adelaide Comedy. He gets Australia’s best talent performing with local stars every week of the year (yep, comedy doesn’t finish when the Fringe does).

There are so many great comedy events on at Bey Dance’s Fringe venue, Gluttony. Mickey D’s ‘Phat Cave’ always has a top line-up from around the world and provides late night laughs every Friday and Saturday during Fringe. And if you want your money to go to a good cause, the ‘All Star Fun Bag’, also at Gluttony, features a stellar comedy line up all for donation at the door which goes to Breast Cancer research.

Fave places to eat and drink 

I have been amazed in recent years to see Adelaide’s café scene absolutely own it!

My favourites are: The Howling Owl…yes, Rhino Room strikes AGAIN! Coffee in the morning and cocktails at night! A Mother’s Milk on Unley Rd for great coffee, Eire Café on Springbank Rd where they do amazing vegetarian pies, Pollen on King William Street (amazingly accommodating for anyone with food intolerances) and Bliss Organic – the Bliss burger is to die for! I also love Peel and Leigh Street – every time I come home there’s another amazing little bar or café that’s sprung up.

Feeling empowered? Good! Now answer Queen Bey herself – Who run the world? Girls!

Liz xx

liz fringe workshop credit naomi matthewsImage credit: Naomi Mathews

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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