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Spring is coming! In just a few weeks, Adelaide will be ablaze with colourful blossoms and the smell of good times ahead. Getting dressed up and going to the races with your girlfriends has got good times written all over it. As part of Fashion at The Races this year, you can win the ultimate Asian holiday with 10 days in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai and you’ll also attend the 2016 Longines Hong Kong International. Second prize is amazing too — $3,000 shopping and private styling session with BNKR. I’m in! The next chance to enter is at Balaklava Cup 2nd Sept. 

Some of us (including me) need a little Spring Racing inspo, so the lovely Melissa Barnes – the owner and creator of Adorn Collection, bespoke millinery creations for racing enthusiasts and lovers of fashion, is going to share with us some great people to follow for Spring Racing inspo.

Hayley xx


By Melissa Barnes

When I put together my own outfits I take bits and pieces from styling I’ve seen or brands I follow online. By combining a range of styles you can add your own personality to the look you want to achieve which ensures you won’t be wearing the same outfit as someone else on the day! These are my top Instagram accounts that I follow for race day fashion inspo.

Melissa x


These accounts have their own flair for informing followers about the latest Fashion on the Field fashion trends, winners and competition dates.



1.Racing Style Nation @racingstylenation

11822633_10153494497394534_4885171213665628305_nImage credit: @racingstylenation

11828760_10153494497344534_1900610960156841428_nImage credit: @racingstylenation

11831775_10153494497404534_3610398758300291971_nImage credit: @racingstylenation

2. Racing Fashion @racingfashion

11041191_10153494512764534_7372505013753552301_nImage credit: @racingfashion

11822715_10153494512669534_952109614093296361_nImage credit: @racingfashion

11825191_10153494512754534_5606081604932786368_nImage credit: @racingfashion

3. On Track On Trend @ontrackontrend

11049464_10153494587004534_4863885207235107225_nImage credit: @ontrackontrend

11825232_10153494586559534_3371208172881433904_nImage credit: @ontrackontrend

11855688_10153494587374534_2933605518640849622_nImage credit: @ontrackontrend

:: Milliners

I aspire to the creativity and standards of these amazing milliners. Their work is so innovative and beautiful. I love watching their spring creations come to life in the lead up to big race days throughout the year.

1. Rebecca Share @rebeccashare

11057237_10153494614269534_8211282143699063799_nImage credit: @rebeccashare

11822588_10153494614234534_3095013191211383438_nImage credit: @rebeccashare

11836759_10153494614119534_4889201942978923883_nImage credit: @rebeccashare

2. Serena Lindeman @serenalindeman

11866477_10153494623839534_1024996496520976374_nImage credit: @serenalindeman

11885159_10153494624059534_3149439780002858054_nImage credit: @serenalindeman

3. Louise MacDonald @louisemacdonaldmilliner

11138109_10153494667284534_7910833884818247601_nImages credit: @louisemacdonaldmilliner

11822451_10153494667159534_5220202018811363263_nImages credit: @louisemacdonaldmilliner

11826068_10153494667294534_8355373047044051896_nImages credit: @louisemacdonaldmilliner


I love following Australian Fashion designers, especially home grown Adelaide based labels like Australian Fashion Labels and their awesome retail shop, @BNKR.

11807206_856149171128290_6566036429345536847_oImage credit: BNKR

11813529_856106784465862_7532596208402141237_nImage credit: BNKR 

11845077_856149044461636_974946567656138009_oImage credit: BNKR

11846733_856106911132516_8113225944686013919_nImage credit: BNKR

See you at the Balaklava Cup September 2. 

Melissa xx

11855680_10153507393869534_4771695727629098276_nImage: Melissa Barnes

Melissa Barnes is a mum, school teacher and the owner and creator of Adorn Collection; Bespoke millinery creations for racing enthusiasts and lovers of fashion. Melissa was the Fashion at The Races finalist in 2013-14 and also 2014-15,  Runner Up SA state finalist for Myer Fashions on the Field in 2014 and Darwin Cup Fashions on the Field winner in 2012. Melissa’s millinery creations will be worn by Channel Seven’s Amelia Mulcahy, during her role as fashion ambassador for the 2015-16 season of Fashion at the Races. Her unique pieces have been seen on local SA A-listers during the Adelaide Racing Carnival and are worn by Fashions on the Field enthusiasts Australia wide. She creates a variety of ready to wear milliner pieces which are available from her Facebook or home studio in Glenelg. 

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