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By Tara Murdoch Moore

Kid’s bedrooms are where you can really have some fun and let your imagination run wild. Although finding the balance between fun for kids and tasteful for you can be a challenge. When I was studying Interior Decoration I learned in my colour theory classes, just how much of an impact colour makes on mood. As kid’s rooms are not only areas of play, but places of sleep, it’s important to not overwhelm the room in too many energising and stimulating colours. To me, Scandinavian inspired kid’s rooms offer the perfect combination. I love the subtle backdrop of white and timber furniture with lots of monochrome accents teamed with fun pops of colour

To get the look, start with neutral walls as a back drop. It’s worth investing in timeless, functional furniture pieces that will grow with your child. Then add age appropriate accessories to personalise the room. Fun bedding, wall prints, cool cushions and cute soft toys are all great ways to do this. For a bit of extra fun, you could add a house-frame bed, floating book shelves, wall boxes, wall decals or even a teepee. Have fun with it.

The best part is that you can affordably and easily get the look. Cotton On Kids and Kmart have some awesome on-trend decorator pieces for kids right now.

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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