By Em Worthington

Despite my best efforts, I’m not a gym person. Always felt too self-conscious that I didn’t ‘look the part’, had let myself get so unfit, and that I looked like a muppet trying to get my arms into leg presses (actually did that). Out of my comfort zone in a gym … it’s quite the turn around that I’m suddenly addicted.

Club Rhythm has given me my groove back. Drawn in by the lure of doing Reformer Pilates with our Adelady crew, I’ve started dipping my toe into other classes and now I’m utterly dotty about it! What’s the big deal?A whole new world

Open the door to this sanctuary and it will open your mind. Always greeted by a smiling face, it’s impossible to ignore the feeling of calm. Green plants, gentle lighting, modern equipment (which at first looked foreign but I actually know how to use now) and above all, BIG for a germaphobe like me, everything is squeaky clean. No stale gym smell! Regardless of the class, the moment I step inside, I forget everything outside those doors and I’m absorbed in an hour to clear my mind and challenge my body.

The best of peeps

Any nerves I had about attending classes on my own quickly evaporated. I can’t speak more highly of the talented, professional but super friendly team. There’s no judgement and always an inspiring guide through sessions. From day dot, each trainer has got to know me, my weak bits and my wobbly spots, and consistently pushed me to try that bit harder.

The guys and gals I’ve trained with have been different ages, shapes, and levels of ability and everyone’s been friendly but focused on what they’re there to do.

Eat well. Move well. Feel well.

Club Rhythm’s got you covered with the perfect combo of health and fitness — personal and group training, specialised reformer pilates for a great workout lying down, pain management to get your creaks and aches in line, nutrition to get you munching on the right grub, guided meditation and mindfulness to declutter your mind.

With a max of 8-10 in a class, the trainer can help you fumble your way through the moves until suddenly, you’re smashing it and visualising yourself becoming a certified instructor… (my mind goes there, anyway).

When I first laid eyes on the reformer bed I had no idea it could be used in so many different ways. For newbies, check out ‘Pilates Essentials’ and in no time, try your hand at my personal fave, ‘Energised’ which will leave you sweaty, energised and strong after a horizontal bounce on the cardio tramp.

I’ve sprung out of bed to give ‘Strong and Confident’ a whirl and left feeling inspired after this high intensity class of cardio, weights and reformer. And don’t be fooled, this class welcomes all ability levels so I fit right in — always had a trainer on hand to ensure my limbs were going in the right parts of equipment.

‘Pilates ABC’ is fast becoming a regular on my schedule, with this express session focussing on your arms, butt and core, and helping weight loss goals. ‘Restored’ is perfect for relieving muscle tension, there’s the beautiful ‘AUM’ which is the perfect blend of yoga, meditation and Pilates. Or try the ‘Unplug and Reboot’ to destress with guided mediation.

WISH I’d known about ‘Pilates For Two’ when I was pregnant — the perfect support for your clever body while growing a mini-human and after birth. And for those with kiddos, get them off the iPad and into the ‘Next Generation’ class to teach them how to release tension and stress from their little bodies.

Exercising with Club Rhythm is definitely a sustainable change for me. It’s helped me make other small changes in my lifestyle between classes. The BIG-ticket item for me though… rather than finding it daunting, I now count down the hours until my next ‘gym’ session.

Thank you Magda and your exceptional crew for giving this tired old duck her spring back. It feels great to feel good.

Em xx

Club Rhythm

69–71 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

Insta: @clubrhythm

Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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  • Shelley Ogilvie says:

    I get married 22nd December after waiting 26 years ( 3 kids ) other priorities get in the way I really want to look as good as possible & I need a fair bit of help

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