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By Rosie Panetta — Nova 919 announcer and creator of I Hate To Winge

One of the best things a girl can ever have, is circle of fierce, fun, adventurous friends. They’ll drive you, inspire you and best of all, make you laugh until you accidentally pee a little.

There is one downside though; sometimes, fierce, fun, adventurous friends go off on fierce, fun adventures in faraway places. Places you can’t walk to when you feel like a dirty Sunday brunch, or drop into last-minute for a late-night Netflix binge.

Worse still, sometimes it means their adventure takes them away from you at a time you would love them nearby the most. In the case of my bestie and I, it was a mere few months after we both said “yes” to marrying the men of your dreams and “yes” to being by each other’s sides as bridesmaids on our big days.

Yes, there’s been plenty of times over the past 10 months where I wished she was with me as I overthought decisions like, “what flowers season in Adelaide in Spring?” , “chicken or beef … is tofu an option?” And the big one, “Is it too late to elope?” But I know that while I’m here and she’s there — without her family or friends (or many english-speaking people for that matter!) navigating her way through a foreign country, she probably needs me, and a touch of home, more than I need her.

Which is why I decided to send her what I’m calling my ‘long-distance Ade-bestie care package’; a parcel full of delicious, colourful and wonderful Adelaide things, to make your long-distance Ade-bestie feel a little bit closer to home.

So here’s what I’m sending her…feel free to steal it and do it yourself.

1. A Julie White headscarf

Not only is this a perfect gift for your headscarf-loving friend, (because, honestly, who doesn’t look 100% cuter in a headscarf?), it’s especially great for your overseas besties!  Thanks to Julie White’s fun, bright Australian designs, which often feature colourful native flowers and animals, like the adorable sunglass-wearing blue-koala on this ‘Gone Troppo’ design.

2. Beerenberg Quince Paste

Twelve months between cheese platters is a very, very long time for two cheese-loving friends like ourselves. While I couldn’t send her the cheese (although it must be noted, I was going to, until my fiance strongly advised me that it probably wouldn’t last the trip), I could however, send her cheese’s best friend; quince paste.

3. Delicious Menz FruChocs

While we’re making up a cheese platter, it’s not complete without a handful of some dried fruit and chocolate. FruChocs it’s kind of a two for one special, because you’re getting both in the one,oddly shaped, but unbelievably delicious ball!

4. Pepperjack 2016 Shiraz

Yes, you’re definitely noticing a theme here — cheese, chocolate and now the wine. And this Barossa drop is without a doubt, one our favourites. But with a lot less Friday night dinners together lately, there’s a few more bottles of these sitting in my wine cupboard than usual. So hopefully this bottle will not only warm up one of her Friday nights, it’s also a nice reminder of one of our favourite spots in the world.

5. Magnolia Press Card

Do you know what there’s not enough of anymore? Handwritten cards, sent for no occasion at all, other than to pen a sweet little something to someone, to let them know you care. And let’s face it, when there’s a cute Frenchie on the front, like this beautiful print from Woodcroft-based printer Magnolia Press, it doesn’t matter what you write in there … the card’s probably going to end up on the mantelpiece regardless!

6. OrganiQ Hydrating Rose Mist

Sometimes, the best reminders of your favourite places are the smells. I’m hoping this refreshing Rose Mist not only reminds my bestie of one of our favourite spots in SA (Kangaroo Island), but also reminds her of how we love to pack one of these during long-haul flights. It’s a subtle/not-so-subtle hint, that she should book a quick visit home soon.

7. Love Cherish Adore Magazine

Planning a wedding with your bestie is right of passage, right?! But it’s pretty hard feeling like a useful bridesmaid, when you’re in two different countries. Sure a magazine isn’t going to coordinate the day for anyone, but this one is full of heaps of local inspiration and help … plus it’ll look pretty on her coffee table too.

To my bestie, your Adelaide care package will arrive in 6-8 weeks!

Rosie xx


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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