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By Ryan Burgess

“Your girlfriend is soooo fun”. “Those girls are HILARIOUS — what are they REALLY like?”

Statements and questions like this plague my days, it’s one of the side-effects of dating an Adelady. People think it’s a laugh a minute. Fun, glamorous and I get to eat all the cheese they’ve left behind after a shoot. FALSE.

Here’s a wee little insight into what life is really like for a glorified Adelady insta-husband.

We’ll start with their phone. You know, the telecommunication device you’d SWEAR was super-glued to their fingers. It’s always on them, and they’re always on it, yet whenever you call, somehow your call goes unanswered.

Between the rigorous group text they have going on, the Insta posts, the stories, the emails and taking photos of ganache-covered cakes, it’s a busy life…of course you have no time to answer your partner’s call.

A “stressful/busy” day consists of a couple of meetings. One of those meetings is usually with a food client where they’re eating chocolate or cheese, the other is usually with a beauty salon where they’re being punished with a massage and the other is likely to be something involving popping bottles of their own sparkling…brutal.

Lately, it’s even developed into midday pilates classes. I mean how do you ladies do it?

One cannot simply go somewhere with moderate-to-nice scenery, a sick grazing platter, an epic sunset, a wine tour or anywhere requiring fancy attire without assuming the position of “official event photographer”. You’re handed the iPhone, told to take pictures, flash on, flash off, higher angle, nope do it again, omg you can see my side boob, that’s foul, ok that one will do.

You’re the insta-husband you never knew you signed up to be. Over the last year, I’m pretty confident I’ve developed some Annie Leibowitz style skills.

Finally, it’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s loud and manic but I simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Both of these LEGENDARY women are clever, funny, fearless, genuine and HILARIOUS and the success they’ve achieved is because of ALL of that – and we’re all SO proud!

Burgo x

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Adelady Guest

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