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A cheeky tipple is always a great idea… until the next day. Trailblazers in premium-quality organic wines, Pure Vision Organic Wines will help you turn over a new leaf when it comes to vino.

Family owned and operated, the team at Pure Vision has nailed sustainable ways to make 100 percent certified organic, vegan-friendly wines with minimal sulphur. The secret of their success is keeping it in the family, with owner Ken Carypidis steering the ship with his three daughters, Jackie, Teresa and Natalie, by his side.

Deep roots from the beginning

The Pure Vision story was cast in Greece, with the sisters’ great-grandfather planting vines that flourished, and showing his son, Terry, the ropes. Terry and his family survived enormous hardship before moving to Melbourne after WWII.

Despite tough times, each generation has cherished having wine and a meal together as one of life’s simple rituals.

“My grandparents would never have thought that a patch of land in Virginia, on the Adelaide Plains, would one day begin our love affair with the wine industry. My dad and his brother, Chris, still grow grapes on the same soil to this day,” Jackie says.

Pure Vision was born when, in 2005, Ken noticed a gap in the market for organic wine and branched out from viticulture to create the label. By 2009, he was growing only certified organic grapes on 140 acres of vines with Chris.

Why organic?

When they started out, organic wine was relatively sparse. “We stood back to understand how many chemicals were being sprayed by growers and how much we inevitably consume. We get one life and celebrate it by what we put into our bodies, so we wanted to grow healthy organic fruit to make exceptional wine, and create a cleaner environment for future generations,” Jackie says.

“Our organic farming practices have really made a difference to the quality of our wine — you can taste the organic difference.”

The soil at Pure Vision is free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, and each varietal is grown in its purest form.

The properties are certified organic by ACO and are regularly audited. The team also noticed emerging vegan wines and felt it made sense to join in.

“So many ingredients traditionally are used as fining agents in the final preparation of wine — from gelatin made from boiling animal parts and egg white to isinglass, which is collagen derived from dried fish bladder… even non-vegans don’t want to drink that! Now, we use a veggie-based product that’s cleaner and the recipe tastes great.”

The afterglow

Cleaner methods means no chemicals, and Pure Vision wines contain less sulphur than you’d find in a conventional bottle — great news for your noggin’, as sulphur is a big culprit when it comes to that day-after hazy feeling and pounding headache.

“Some people react to sulphur in traditional wines and as we get older, our bodies can become more sensitive. It’s great to be able to enjoy a couple of glasses of quality wine and not feel the effects of it as much the next day.”

A family affair

The Pure Vision team includes Head Winemaker Joanne Irvine, who’s responsible for producing their award-winning wines. And while Ken’s still actively tending to the vineyard, Jackie and her sisters each bring their own skills to their innovative wine label.

“We grew up surrounded by the industry but have all been off on adventures to develop our own skills and networks. We’ve come back together to work on this family legacy. It’s hard work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

And that Virginia property, where her parents still reside (and grandparents lived until recently), now has a fourth generation running around.

“We’re lucky to raise our kids on the same land, especially now that it’s so much safer, being organic. Dad’s in the vineyard, Mum’s behind the scenes helping us all, and my sisters and I are at the helm of the business — it’s something my grandfather would have dreamed of but never expected to come true.”

Quick guide to Pure Vision Wines

The Mediterranean climate of their estate is ideal for Pure Vision’s Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, as well as delicious Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Try a drop of these and we guarantee you won’t turn back.

1. Nature’s Step (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, preservative-free Shiraz) Dip your toe into the organic wine game with these top-quality, affordable, vegan-friendly wines. Crisp wines from this series pair well with fresh salads, vegetables, fish, cream-based pastas and even spicy Asian dishes.

2. Pure Vision Organics (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz) This stylish series showcases the region, with top-quality organic reds that are light enough to be enjoyed on their own or go nicely with your favourite white or redmeat dishes, and of course, hard cheeses.

3. Rock My World (Pinot Gris, Rosé, Shiraz Cabernet) Dedicated to all the fun-loving Adeladies seeking an organic wine that will rock their world. The Rosé is refreshing on its own or pair with light seafood dishes and creamy cheeses, such as camembert and brie, while the versatile Pinot Gris is perfectly paired with creamy sauces, roasted chicken and vegetables, and spicy curries. The Shiraz Cabernet is divine — big, lush and ripe, it’s just what you want with a good Aussie red wine. This wine is ideally paired with grilled or roasted red meats and hearty stews. These won’t disappoint at your next girls’ shindig… plus, they’re easy on the eye so are sure to impress.

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