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When I overheard a conversation in the Adelady office regarding a gorgeous little cafe called Fourth Hill Providore, I knew I’d heard enough to go and check it out for myself. Located in the small town of Verdun in the Hills, it was certainly going to be a destination location for this little city slicker. I wasn’t mad about that at all though, as I find driving into the Hills makes me feel instantly relaxed. And let’s face it — when there’s food, coffee or wine at the end of any drive, it makes the journey even more enjoyable! 

It’s week two of school holidays as I’m writing this and I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel with ideas to entertain the kids. When I woke up and realised we were blessed with one of those glorious sunny winter days, I decided it would be a great chance to go for a mummy / daughter lunch date. My girl loves her food as much as I do, so I always know she’ll be good company when there’s grub involved, particularly if her brother isn’t, (involved, that is)!

Fourth Hill Providore felt like the perfect destination for such a spectacular day, so off we went — weaving our way up the freeway with the sun shining on our faces and Dido blaring through my speakers. Oh and fun fact — it’s called Fourth Hill Providore because it’s the ‘fourth hill’ from Adelaide. Clever! Well, over the four hills we went and we were there before we knew it. 

It was clear as soon as we arrived that a lot of love has gone into this venue. The building is an old barn that’s been renovated to perfection. The first thing my 11 year old said as she looked around in wonder was, ‘This place is SO aesthetic!’ (Kids these days). She was right though — it’s absolutely charming. They’ve combined the old with the new incredibly well with the exposed stone, original plaster and raw timber being accentuated with modern white walls and marble counters. It’s neutral and fresh but so warm and inviting. Chilled beats play in the background at the perfect volume (which I always appreciate) — it was a seamless transition from Dido haha!

The outlook from inside is nothing less than enchanting. Huge windows let the perfect amount of sunshine in, but it would be equally captivating on a dreary winter’s day with the option to set yourself up near the crackling fireplace inside. Yes guys, there’s a fireplace! Imagine sitting cosy and watching the rain as you sip on a coffee or a glass of Shaw + Smith. Heaven! 

Towering trees covered in yellow moss surround the venue and looking further afield, you’ll see sheep grazing in the neighbouring paddock. A stone lined creek flows through the property and a quaint little bridge joins the outdoor areas together. There’s ample seating outside and some very welcome special touches such as gas heaters, lap rugs and water bowls for thirsty pooches.

There’s a lovely selection of food on offer here. A cabinet at the counter displays a variety of pastries, paninis and focaccias whilst the table menu provides plenty of other breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings such as the mushroom omelette and granola as well as pizza, pasta, soup and salad. I felt like carbs (typical) so I ordered the pasta special which was fusilli with roast pumpkin, pesto and pecorino. My daughter couldn’t go past the buckwheat and berry waffles (also typical), which were served with coconut chia cream, raspberry sorbet and maple syrup. Let’s just say not a morsel was left behind. In fact, when my daughter finished her waffles and saw the melted sorbet left on her plate, she looked at me and said with utter sincerity, ‘Mum, how am I going to lick my plate with all these people around?!’ My reply — ‘You’re not, honey. You’re not.’ But deep down, I wished I’d let her.

If you’re ready to make a more serious commitment to Fourth Hill Providore, good news — you can even book a private function here! Perfect for a special birthday or celebration, or even a bridal party. This utterly charming venue not only ticks the ‘aesthetic’ box but also the ‘I want to lick my plate’ box and I highly recommend you go and experience it for yourself.


Carrie Raymond

Carrie Raymond

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