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By Style Coach Rachel Tansell-Paues


Previously we’ve talked about Triangles and Inverted Triangles (if you missed it click here) and Round and Rectangle (if you missed this one click here). Today, we are looking at the most desired body shape — the hourglass as well as the Inbetweeners for any ladies who have more than one trouble area or can’t find what works for them.

Here we go ladies, your top 3 fashion tips for Hourglasses and Inbetweeners.

Hourglass ::

What is an hourglass?

This is considered to be the most desirable body shape of them all and the most flattering. If you are an Hourglass your hips and shoulders are round about the same size (no more than a 5% difference) and you will have a tiny little curved waist. As a Style coach my goal is to create an hourglass shape when working with every body shape due to it’s balance and body definition.

Scarlett-Johansson-Boyfriend-age-BiographyImage credit:

Think the sexy Marylin Monroe, natural beauty Scarlett Johansson (featured above) or the sophisticated and funny Sofia Vergara.



Maintain balance and accentuate the curves!

Top 3 items to look for when shopping:

1. Always make sure your clothing skims close to your waist. It’s your tiniest part so show it off.

2. The modern take on the wiggle dress is perfect.   Classic yet sexy without having to show everything all at once.

3. Structure is your friend. If you go to big and boxy you loose shape, go too tight all over you will accentuate e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!

Inbetweeners ::

What is an inbetweener?

You probably feel like you don’t have a particular body shape, can’t define your figure clearly with any of the figures explained in this series of posts (here and here) or perhaps you have more than one trouble area and the thought of trying to dress them all at the same time is super overwhelming.

8-best-red-carpet-keira_074349311188Image credit: celebritynews

Wherever you fit on the beautiful body scale, a Rebel Wilson (curvey), Mariah Carey (all boobs and curves), a Kiera Knightly (flat chested and no curves) or a body mix and match of everything, there’s plenty of things you can do to flatter your body no matter your body type .




Your ultimate aim is to accentuate your beautiful bits (boobs, butt, legs and your face) , keep your waist defined.

Top 3 items to look for when shopping:

1. Belts are magic and will draw your eye to the smallest part of your body. Wear it high (rib cage area), wear it low (on the hips). Wherever you want to draw attention, wrap a belt around it.

2. Show off your décolletage with v neck tops. Most flattering style for all body shapes.

3. Accessorise with necklaces, scarves and hats. These will bring focus to your gorgeous eyes and face and perfect for those days you just aren’t feeling it.

If you’re struggling with your style, have way too many items in your wardrobe or just don’t know what to wear, head over to to see what is happening and book a Styling Session or Wardrobe Detox today. Prices start at $60/hour.

 Rachel x

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