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By Style Coach Rachel Tansell-Paues


As a Style Coach the first thing I look at is your body shape. Too often we forget to embrace our body for what it is.   We focus on covering up the “bad” bits rather than showing off the “good” ones.

Most of you are aware that there are several body types and each have their own unique challenges when it comes to embracing fashion styles and trends. You’re ultimate aim is to love your body as it is right now, flatter it with the right type of fashion and share your Style Personality with the world.

Today’s blog will focus on the Triangles and Inverted Triangles and the top 3 fashion tips for you to apply to your shopping and wardrobe now.

Now ladies, don’t panic, this is a 3 part series describing two body shapes per post so if you can’t find yours here, tune in for the next one to see if you can find it. If you can’t wait that long and need instant fashion help, scroll down and click on the link.

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What is a Triangle figure?

Hips are wider than your shoulders. Think of Beyonce and the Kardashian Girls.


Balance out hips and shoulders to create an hourglass effect

Top 3 Items to look for when shopping:

1. Colour blocking is your friend. Dark colours should be on the bottom to reduce hip focus with bold colours to the top drawing the attention upwards.

2. No big or wide pockets on your pants. These will bulge and send your eye straight to your hips.

3. Straight leg pants are your most flattering for skimming over you hips and thighs.


Silhouette_inverted triangle (1)

What is an inverted triangle figure?

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. Think professional swimmers, Teri Thatcher, Demi Moore and even world famous Supermodel Naomi Campbell.


Balance out shoulders with hips to create an hourglass effect

Top 3 items to look for when shopping:

You’re completely opposite to a Triangle.

1. Light colours can be worn on the lower half of your body

2. Lots of pockets, draping fabric, Aline skirts and relaxed fit pants are all ok to experiment with

3. Keep the top half fitted and simple. No frills or shoulder bling or you will accentuate your shoulders.

If you’re struggling with your style, have way too many items in your wardrobe or just don’t know what to wear, head over to HERE to see what is happening and book a Styling Session or Wardrobe Detox today. Prices start at $60/hour.

Rachel xx

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