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We all deserve to feel like the very best version of ourselves, inside and out — and that’s what WellFest Adelaide 2023 is here to help with!

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This ultimate wellbeing festival is back in Adelaide from Friday 6 October to Sunday 8 October 2023, and it’s bringing over 70 events with it. Every single one of those events is designed to make you feel better, from top to tail. Over three days, choose from indoor and outdoor events and experiences in the CBD and North Adelaide with a focus on mindfulness, sleep, self-care, nutrition, fitness, and connection. All vital elements to help you shimmer and shine!

Whether you’re dipping a toe into the wellness game, or want to further your education on how to live well, there’s an event for you to experience. Because — you deserve it. From belly breathing to belly dancing, yoga and massage, the weekend festival is all about finding your centre.

Image credit :: WellFest Adelaide 

While every aspect of your health is important, we’re especially excited to focus on two pillars of wellbeing: our fitness, and our mindfulness. It’s a tough choice, but here are some events that have snapped up our attention and made us extra excited to start living our best lives… maybe we’ll see you there!


Move with your cycle

Menstruation! Follicular phase! Ovulation! Luteal phase! What’s happening in your body at each stage, how can you tell and how can you better support yourself during those times? This two-hour workshop at Aleenta’s pilates studio, will answer all of those questions and more as you feel these moves in your own body during a low-impact reformer class.

Celebrate Your Hips: Belly Dance for Beginners

Whether you’re a complete novice or have some experience, this event is perfect for anyone looking to explore the art of belly dancing. Get ready to shimmy, sway, and embrace your inner goddess.

Adelaide City and Parks Bike Tour

Take in the culture and the vibrancy of Adelaide as you cycle along the safe city streets, precincts and parklands. Discover little-known treasures, lane-way art, quirky cafes, the local’s favourites and much more.

Reformer Pilates experience

Studio Pilates North Adelaide has joined up with Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation for a fundraiser during WellFest Adelaide: when you purchase an intro pack of six Pilates classes for $60 as part of WellFest Adelaide, Studio Pilates will donate $5 from each pack to Breakthrough. Love that!

TreeClimb Grand Course

The TreeClimb Grand Course will have you navigating the intricate web of suspended bridges, balance beams and thrilling ziplines over two hours. With each step, you’ll build strength, flexibility and confidence, both physically and mentally.

Adelaide’s Biggest Shallow Water Aqua Class

Immerse yourself in the Hydrofit program using the shallow water as resistance; punch, kick and jump your way into fitness with this great session and enjoy the 45-minute workout designed for all fitness levels.


Nature Therapy and Forest Bathing at Himeji Japanese Gardens

Experience the therapeutic benefits of the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-yoku”, or Forest Bathing, in Himeji Japanese Garden.

An introduction to Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn the history of Shodo, the tools required, the way of making ink and the basic stroke with a calligraphy brush.

Discovery Breathwork

The Alma Sagrada Tribe has teamed up with Breathe, Stretch, Float to offer the perfect introductory session for those who are new to breathwork and interested in giving it a go. This will be a magical session with the accompaniment of beautiful instruments and healing sounds to raise your vibration and find deep grounding and relaxation.

Breathe & Flow: guided dance meditation

Through an expertly guided dance meditation, you’ll embark on a journey of self-awareness, allowing your body to express itself freely and release any tension or stress. This unique experience is designed to help you cultivate mindfulness and find inner peace in a serene studio environment.

A Ceremony of Breath

Alma Sagrada Tribe has teamed up with Breathe, Stretch, Float for the fully immersive experience of The Ceremony of Breath to help you uncover what your body is capable of.

Wellness with Art: Drawing & Dance

Be at one with yourself using drawing and dance to connect wellbeing with works of art. Small groups explore the nature of home through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attachments to home and place with interdisciplinary artist Tanya Voges.

The last few years have seen the wellbeing industry in Adelaide blossom and bloom — and now, WellFest is giving us all the chance to dive right in and become the very best we can be across one beautiful weekend.

WellFest Adelaide is an Adelaide Economic Development Agency initiative supported by the City of Adelaide. The festival runs from Friday 6 October to Sunday 8 October 2023. To purchase tickets and to view the full event program visit Events will sell out, so get in quick!



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