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Raise your glass to Santalini’s new sparkling!

The last few years have seen a spike in the alcohol-free and alcohol limited movement. Whether it’s for your physical or mental health, you’re trying to conceive or are currently expecting, or just because you want to take on the challenge of cutting alcohol out of your life, more and more people are choosing to be sober-curious.

That doesn’t mean you need to miss out, though, when new bottles of bubbly (with a twist) are landing on a shelf near you. Santalini is an all new, non alcoholic sparkling grape juice, offering two different blends. Sip smugly on their Golden Muscatel Sparkling Grape Juice or Red Sparkling Grape Juice, knowing that you can indulge all you want — without that dreaded hangover in the morning.

The grapes used to create Santalini are sourced from some of South Australia’s prime regions (including the beautiful Barossa) before being squished and squashed, then bottled up to promote the natural flavours and floral notes of the grapes at their peak. What you end up with is a delightfully fruity glass of fizz without the booze.

No need to make an extra stop-off at the bottle-o on your drive home either, because you’ll find Santalini in your local Romeo’s supermarket — how’s that for convenience! A glass of Santalini sparkling is best served chilled, but we’ve got a couple of other ideas to really make this fresh new drink sing.


Use Santalini to create a non-alcoholic mimosa or bellini by adding a generous splash of either orange or peach juice to your glass of Golden Muscatel Sparkling Grape Juice.


Create this sangria-style punch for your next alcohol-free event by combining Santalini’s Red Sparkling Grape Juice, orange juice, a touch of brown sugar, plenty of ice, and garnish with chopped apple and fresh orange slices. It’s great for baby showers!


A round of applause for the people behind it all! Owners and cousins Frank Perre and Pat Varapodio created S.A. Food & Confect in 2021 and have continued to grow ever since, bringing high quality and muchloved products to South Aussies.

Both Frank and Pat are very passionate about helping fellow South Australians, saying: “We understand how hard it can be for small businesses to get their feet off the ground. That’s how S.A. Food & Confect was created — with 40 years of experience in both retail sales and distribution, we’re able to help our clients and retailers to get the best outcome for their products and their customers.”

S.A. Food & Confect also works to support other local businesses like Spring Gully, Leabrook Farms, Taronga Almonds and more.

Dipping your toe into a sober lifestyle doesn’t need to mean missing out altogether — it’s fabulous to see local businesses finding solutions for people to live as the best version of themselves. Bravo, Santalini




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