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By Carmel MargaritIs

“Do I really need it?” That one question that haunts us. Well of course we need it – we’re female! But how about you ask yourself instead, “How much wear will I get out if this?”. Value for money.

One thing I love doing when I’m shopping is picking up an item of clothing, then instantly start thinking of ways I can wear it other than how it’s displayed.

Simple things to think about…

:: Can I belt this?

:: Can I dress it up or down?

:: Can I wear it reversed?

:: Can I layer something with it?

:: Can it convert from Summer to Winter?

:: Will accessories change the look of it?

:: Can I wear it unbuttoned?

:: Can it be worn with pants, skirt or shorts?

If most of these answers are a “yes”, then you better be heading to the counter NOW. No need to feel guilty after this purchase or having to keep it in the bag for a week in case the guilt forces you to return it. Instead, you will feel awesome because you KNOW you just bought yourself 4-5 outfits with the cost of one….. pft, go buy some shoes now!

So here is an example ladies, I found a simple white shirt from one of my much loved shops, Karibu Boutique and styled it with some other basics. The only thing missing was a cropped jumper to layer over the top for those cooler days.

This guilt free purchase (white shirt)  is only $55 and here are 5 ways to wear it!

Tied up with jeans and a felt hat…


With short shorts  or a short skirt…


With jeans and worn open…


As a dress…


Layered over the top of a dress…


See what I mean? Guilt FREE!

I hope these tips help,

Carmel xx

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Adelady Guest

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