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When you’re the blushing bride, it’s easy to go over the top. But one thing you won’t regret is bringing out your most naturally radiant skin.

Healthy skin can make you feel comfortable, confident and relaxed, and who doesn’t want all of those things on their big day? Our skin goddess, Rose from Elixir Skin Fitness on The Parade, is set to make that part of your fairytale come true.

As a dermal therapist, she does so much more than give you a facial and a lick of paint. Her holistic approach looks at how overall health and lifestyle affects your skin — one visit will have you prioritising your wellbeing.

So, for all our brides-to-be, we ask Rose for the lowdown on what to consider before the big day.

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Why get your skin in check?

I see brides for all sorts of reasons, but they all want to look and feel their best. Looking at the overall picture of health (particularly the gut) is the key to ensuring your body functions at its peak, and this really shows up in your skin.

So you don’t just concentrate on the face?

No, I look at any skin you want to treat. A lot of girls want to ensure there are no blackheads or breakouts on their back, neck or chest. I’ve treated women who felt self-conscious about scars on their arms, chest, back… even chickenpox scars. Some treat stretchmarks to feel more confident on their honeymoon in a swimsuit. Whatever they want to achieve, I help them to feel confident.

Does it improve how your makeup looks?

Almost all brides have a professional makeup application for their wedding day — the skin is the canvas. Bridal treatment plans are designed to achieve the healthiest glowing complexion to enhance the look of the makeup and ensure it lasts all day. Our brides’ skin treatment plans are also designed for them to feel comfortable in their own naked skin on their honeymoon.

What sort of lead time do you need?

Ideally, I start working with brides at least six months before the big day. It can take that long to repair and treat any skin conditions so they are really healthy, glowing, and can feel great even without makeup.

Vanessa’s wedding photographed by Mike Hemus

How many treatments do brides typically need?

I tailor programs specifically to every person’s issues and budget, so it’s different for everyone. Generally, I’ll see her roughly fortnightly while we repair and get the skin working in optimum condition. We’ll move to less frequent sessions and then, closer to the wedding, I make sure we’re not doing any treatments that may cause breakouts or need down-time.

What other tips can you give to our brides?

  1. Sleep :: Getting at least eight hours is vital so you don’t look tired, you avoid dark circles and your whole body functions more effectively and can repair itself.
  2. Exercise :: Getting fit and feeling healthy is important but too much of a good thing can be detrimental — exercise is no exception. I see girls on a mission to lose weight, but overexercising can be as bad as not doing any, so it’s important to give your body the rest it needs.
  3. Eat well :: It’s vital to eat food that’s high in fibre and to eat regularly. Concentrate on a balanced diet to get the right nutrients, good-quality carbohydrates, lots of vegetables and good-quality fats and avoid processed food. Too much sugar or alcohol close to the day can bring on changes in the skin. I suggest staying away from inflammatory foods and, if you suffer from acne, it’s a good idea to stay away from dairy. Overall, the cleaner you eat, the better your skin will look.
  4. Be conscious of change :: Some women want to start or come off contraception or other medication before their wedding. Be aware this can affect how your skin functions and cause breakouts or increase sensitivity. Of course, this is where I can work my magic and level it all out.

So, forget putting the dress, the cake, the DJ at the top of your list. Prioritise your wellbeing and feeling your most radiant on your special day, with the help of lovely Rose.

Em xx


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