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I’m sucker for succulents. They’re fat and juicy; I almost feel like biting into one, they look that delicious!

But my love affair with succulents isn’t just physical. Sure, they look beautiful in their different shades of green, purple and blue, but emotionally, they’re very easy to deal with. I’ve managed to keep two human babies alive, but for some reason, I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever attempted to grow! So, I found out there are a few secrets to keeping succulents alive. We enlisted the help of Sharon Starr (star by name and star by nature) from Potted Thoughts.

She shared her top tips on how to grow the perfect succulent baby:

Hayley xx

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Succulents tend to grow best outdoors. However, with the recent trend of all the gorgeous pots now available, people are wanting them indoors. So if you’re trying to grow them indoors, place them as close as possible to natural light (somewhere that gets approximately 6 hours per day). A good indicator of them not getting enough light is the succulent tends to stretch. Stretching isn’t good.

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Succulents hate having wet feet. If you want it to last for a long time, it’s important that the container has a drainage hole in it.

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In summer, I recommend watering your succulent weekly (once the soil has dried out). In winter, water every 2 to 3 weeks, when the plant is dormant and not growing (therefore needing less water). An indicator of over-watering is the plant looking like it’s rotting. Just pick off the leaves that look rotted or soft. Don’t water again until the soil is completely dry.

potted thoughts, adelady; succulents


If you’re planting the succulent yourself, try and use a cactus/succulent potting mix. If that’s not available, choose a potting mix that doesn’t have water-saving crystals. In spring and summer, succulents benefit from a controlled fertiliser in granule form.

potted thoughts, adelady; succulents

Good luck! And if you have any questions, let us know below or contact me at Potted Thoughts 


Sharon Starr is the creator and designer of Adelaide’s Potted Thoughts. Her 30-year love affair with pot plants culminated in her amazing business — creating the perfect living, gift. She selects beautiful plants presented in gorgeous-looking pots, to suit any décor. Sharon sources all her plants from a couple of wonderful wholesalers right here in Adelaide. She’s super-passionate and can’t wait for you to adopt one of her little creations. Visit Potted Thoughts on social:



Feature photo credit : @succulove

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