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By Mardi Zeunert


Christmas. Like it or not, it comes up quick. Doesn’t it? Eeeeeeek. As soon as the ol’ John Martin’s Christmas Pageant, um cough, I mean Credit Union Christmas Pageant strolls around, the tree is up. The lights of our beautiful city start twinkling. The jacarandas start blooming. Oh and the Santa (You Had Better) Stop Here sign is jammed into the front lawn for all to see.

Every year the big plastic tub comes out from the shed, the lid always bulging that bit more. Every year I dream about a David Jones tree. Yep. Well guess what? Ours is a vintage crash – gorgeous, gawdy and odd — in a nice Christmassy way. Colour scheme? I just call it Vintage All Sorts. No fighting it – it’s unique.

And I’ve come to realise, that is okay. I must admit, there is something magical and very much the spirit of Christmas finding the old decorations in the box. Oh that’s from mum. Oh hello kindy baul baul. Oh look here luv – that is your face in the Christmas tree – you must have been three! This one is broken – nooooooooo.


My stress levels don’t cope with the coughed up fur ball of tinsel to sort through though… Or the lights that keep on giving despite being tangled into an unrecognisable pile.

We do have one special decoration though. It’s a silver pig. I bought it at DJ’s. Vera Wang 2008. Yep – special! I was trying to be all new-age mum, the year our precious girl was born. Trying to start a new shiny tradition.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decorating ritual? I do, I go to the local oppies. First week of December. Yep. Oh my goodness. A shop full of discarded decorations. If you’re keen, go on a vintage road trip to my 5 Fave Vintage Shops in SA.

Oh my, it is vintage Christmas gold. Especially when I find cotton spun baul bauls – remember those? Maybe not… How about the plastic wreaths with pretend holly, matching candle holders. The list goes on!

My fave find this year was Mr & Mrs Christmas at the Salvos in Bridgewater. No, not plastic – knitted! I really do need a Christmas pool room. I have collected some rippas from over the years. Treasures from friends they were throwing out, knitted gold from nannas. Sparkly handmade fun.


Another ritual I partake in to keep the Chrissy stress levels at bay, is to go and visit a quirky little vintage treasure trove. I hide and I love it. It is like hiding at Nanna’s. A lovely lass called Pixi runs Junktion on the corner of Marion Road and Macklin Street in Sturt. Junktion is a project of Access the Story, a not for profit mission organisation. Spend a few dollars – they recently had a $2 clothes sale – what the!?


Enjoy the cheapest and best coffee and her mum’s hummingbird cake, then just chill on the retro sofa – bliss. Wake me up when I start dribbling Pixi, ta….

I missed out on the vintage decorations Pixi had for sale – that is another story. There really is a lady out there with a pool room filled with vintage Christmas trees and decorations. I need to visit! I have really loved being able to prattle on the vintage bandwagon this year – thanks everyone for following!

This Christmas whether you celebrate it or not. Stop and appreciate the old and the gold.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

Mardi xx

If you love Vintage, here’s my list on Vintage Memories You Should Bring.

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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