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By Alicia Norton


Every year, every damned year, the anticipation builds, the invitations start to roll in and you think to yourself; “I’m going to make this the best New Years Eve ever”.

Best. New. Years. Eve. Ever.

And it never happens, does it? Well I hate to say it — but the most overrated night of the year for most has never been that way for me. I don’t mean to show off but I haven’t had a bad New Years that I can recall. Sure, I can’t recall all of them clearly but I distinctly remember fun was had. Yes, a twenty-something part-time comedian / part time wine taster (read: goon connoisseur) whose idea of a well balanced dinner is budget dips and cheese might not be the person you should logically take advice from, but seriously, since when do ‘logic’ and ‘fun’ go hand in hand? And with that in mind, ladies, my advice to help you have The Best New Years Eve Ever. You’re welcome.


Say, “Yes”!

Don’t be that person who waits for a ‘better offer’ only to find themselves drinking alone on the couch and watching the fireworks on TV while the neighbour’s cat curls up at your feet. Say yes to whatever may come your way (except maybe some obvious thing…), you never know what absolute brilliant ridiculousness you might get up to – trust me on this one.

Wear What You Want

I’ve always believed that you should dress for the occasion – in my mind this always means sparkles — but for you it should be whatever you want it to be. If you want to greet 2016 in your comfiest valour track pants then wear them with pride and let your freak flag fly.

Drink What You Want

Passion Pop tickles your fancy? How about some wine from a box (which is, coincidentally a South Australian invention)? It’s your night, why worry what anyone thinks!? Pro tip though – as we all know, mixing your drinks can only end badly – stick to one bevvie and stay there all night. Don’t make me tell you what happened that NYE that I moved from vodka to wine to raspberry and apple cider — just take my word for it.

Don’t Worry About The Practicalities

Except for dancing shoes – the only practical choice that you need to make is ensuring you can dance the night away. No one wants to be that babe at the end of the night, heels in her hand and glass in her foot. Other than that however, don’t worry about how you’re getting home – the party gods will look after you and hey, if you have to curl up on the sand at Glenelg – along with a bunch of questionably seedy under-agers then at least you’ll get to see the first sunrise of 2016!


I always believed that ‘eating is cheating’ – well that’s the terrible advice that my friends and I used to share with one another. It’s the last night of the year and the first night of another. Eat cheese. Cheese is god. Actually cheese is cheese-us. Worship it – in and around your mouth. Unless you are vegan, then maybe…try not to be sad that you’re missing out on cheese?

Make One Ridiculous Resolution

Not meaning to boast or anything but I made a pretty cool resolution last year – I decided to make it to 50 blood donations – and I did. I also made some pretty bizarre promises to myself. Most ladies want to get fit, healthy and sexy. Me? I wanted to try every burger joint in Adelaide. While I may not be fit or healthy (but hell, I like to think I’m damed sexy), my taste buds are mighty thankful.

Kiss Who You Want

So this may be a shitty life choice if you have a significant other that you are committed to kissing at midnight however if you are more like me and your only responsibility is to your cat (single crazy cat lady joke there ladies and gents) then you can kiss anyone you like. Don’t settle – but don’t miss your chance.


Dance until your (flat sandal clad feet) are aching with the joy that can only come from a night on the dance floor. Do the jive, throw in a nasty (slut) drop and finish it off with the sprinkler for all I care. Leave your inhibitions at the door because anything that holds you back isn’t worth having in your life!

See The Sun Rise

As mentioned, this might be inevitable if you have to sleep the night on the beach but regardless of where you find yourself, there’s nothing more magical than seeing the sun peek over the horizon. I don’t even have a witty quip here – the only thing more beautiful than a new year’s sunrise is making it through it without a hangover!

Know That You Had The Best Night Ever

Each and every New Years Eve has been better from my last – in my mind at least. I’ve spent nights with some of my best friends most years but I’ve also made new friends – some of whom have lasted the night and others who have lasted for years out. Every NYE has been the best one I could have at that given time – even if I did break my toe and get yelled at for stealing a pot plant last year.

Happy New Year!

Alicia xx

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