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By Stacey Caruso Makeup

It’s 2017, people! A time where we have evolved in so many ways, yet have remained stuck in so many others.

We have so many different people on this planet – all of different race, religion, sexuality and now it seems, more than ever, people with different dietary requirements too.


I applaud those of you who are strict vegetarians and give a standing ovation to those who are vegan! How you can be so disciplined and cut all animal products out of your diet and even daily routine is beyond me. Bravo ladies, bravo!

But, one thing that does baffle me, is that there are still so many cosmetic companies out there who continue to test their products, or use ingredients in their products that are tested on animals.

Did you know that animal testing is required by law for any international cosmetic companies that sell their products in China? (excluding Hong Kong) That’s right… ANY of our favourite brands that sell their products in China have to undergo mandatory animal testing on their products if they are manufactured outside China. And China is such a big money maker for the cosmetics industry that despite these laws it makes it very appealing for some of our favourite brands to distribute their products there. Scary huh?


So how can you tell if your favourite products are cruelty free?

:: Do your research, never just trust a company that ‘claims’ to be cruelty free.

They may not test on animals but some of their ingredients may be sourced from people who do. Get online as there is an abundance of information out there that may help you decide when next shopping for a new foundation or lipstick.

:: Look for the logos

The Leaping Bunny, PETA’s cruelty free logo or the Choose cruelty free logo, which is often used in Australia as it is an Aussie organisation. Look for either of these three logos on your products only, as any other bunny type drawings may claim to indicate cruelty free but are not however an official logo. Its also best to check on The Leaping Bunny and PETA’s lists online as some companies may be part of their cruelty free database but not display the logo on their products. It does cost these companies to display the logo so remember this when shopping and if you don’t see one of these lil bunny rabbits, always hop online and double check.

:: What’s the difference between The Leaping Bunny and PETA?

The Leaping Bunny is the only internationally recognised organisation that certifies cruelty free brands. To get on a PETA cruelty free list the company is required to take a short questionnaire and sign a statement assuring that their products/ingredients aren’t tested on animals.

However, with The Leaping Bunny, the companies pledge that they do not test on animals during any stage of products development, and the suppliers of their ingredients take the same pledge. The companies on this list also undergo onsite audits to assess the validity of their claim to be cruelty free. So in short, if a company is on The Leaping Bunny’s list you can almost 100% assured that the products are truly cruelty free due to the more thorough investigations that they undertake.

So in celebration of one of my favourite brands boldly pulling out of China last year (woohoo Stila!!!) I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites in both makeup and skin/body that are cruelty free 🙂


Anastasia Beverly Hills


By Terry


Ellis Faas

Eve Lom


Jane Iredale

Josie Moran

Kat Von D

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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