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 By Hayley Pearson

A woman who has my heart, Carly Thompson-Barry, is an Adelady who has created something fantastic, PURELY to help other South Australian women.

Taking the sisterhood to the next level, in 2014 she started Sass Place, Australia’s first co-working space and community for women, in Parkside. “I like to call them female change-makers because they are truly amazing, innovative, entrepreneurial and inspiring women”, she says. Sass Place provides desk space, permanent offices, business support, mentoring and crèche facilities. Yep, you read that correctly – A FREAKING CRECHE!!!


After working from home with her husband for five years and feeling isolated and needing some like-minded female interaction, she thought, “Hey, what about if we work together in one space… away from our home environment?” And so she did just that.

As soon as you walk into Adelaide’s Sass Place, you’re instantly greeted with excitement and positivity! It’s filled with like-minded women who, although each run their own business, they work together exchanging ideas and inspiring one another.

Carly is super passionate about supporting women and seeing them follow their dreams and reaching their goals. She even dances her way to the “office” because she actually looks forward to going to work.

Thanks, Carly, for creating such an awesome place for women in Adelaide! And THAT is why this week she’s our Inspirational Adelady.

These are her fave places in Adelaide:

Hayley x


 Fave Coffee Place

Well funnily enough I never used to like coffee, until I had a baby and started a business! We are spoiled at Sass Place with Bar9, 2cuzcafe and Jenny’s Bakery just down the road.  All a very short walk from SP, Bar9 is our go-to for coffee and 2cuzcafe for grabbing a delicious lunch! Both are regular locations for our Sass Community Coffee Catchups too!

10403395_640664349395145_3987710889873746437_nImage credit: 2cuzcafe


I love anywhere near water. Last year I went to the Vintage Oar Holiday House at Milang. A beautiful place with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lots of room for the kids to roam and is just relaxing to the max! From the moment you get out the car and breathe the fresh air the stresses subside! And it’s not too far from the city so is a great quick getaway!

img_161681_080e67902ecb250a4569227f6dd9b352_max800x600Image credit:


Art Therapy has been a great tool for me to use to work through issues that are causing me stress. A session with Belinda from Ignite Art Therapies always has me coming out with a new clarity and a lifted weight off my shoulders! I have also recently discovered bioresonance therapy with Jo at Insync, from the moment I go into her room the smell of essential oils alone calms me. I leave always feeling better than I went in!

10670093_868262629949372_3269123515831687541_n Image credit: Ignite Art Therapies


Exercise is really important to our family and we love being outdoors. We are so lucky to have both beach and parks in close proximity.  We also run a group outdoor PT business at West Lakes called Step into Life.

I love the group environment to exercise in and that it is out in the fresh air! I’m really passionate about post-natal fitness and wellbeing, and its more than fitness to me, with our group like family and it helps me feel strong and energised both in mind and body. We also take our boys out and a recent proud mummy moment saw our 4 year old joining in leaping hurdles and passing balls! PT in the making!

12744632_1061883377168173_2536943655414760624_nImage credit: Step Into Life

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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