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By Lauren De Cesare

It’s funny — when you’re a kid, your parents do EVERYTHING in their power to protect you from bullying, boys, mean girls, or anything that could possibly hurt you.

Then one day, something flips and you reach an age where suddenly you’re the one that’s looking after THEM, worrying about whether they’re happy, feeling good, healthy and living their very best lives. I mean honestly, since when did I start telling my Mum to go for a walk, get a check up, or love herself more?

I think that’s where it all started. I kept hearing my beautiful Mum saying “I can’t wear that”, “I’m too old”, or “I’m too fat”. THE F WORD! I F**KING HATE THAT WORD!

So I decided to do something about it. I booked my Mum in to do a Style Session with the amazing Damien from Westfield Marion.

The team at Westfield Marion dress Hayley and I when we’re filming, and the amount of times I’ve said “I can’t wear that, that doesn’t work”, before trying it on and NEKMINUTE I’m wearing it and I love it — it’s crazy.

We are all so stuck in our ways and think we know what suits our bodies, or we have these preconceived ideas that we can’t wear stripes because it makes us look bigger or off the shoulder tops are for the younger generations only.

All I really wanted was for my Mum to leave the Style Session with some of her confidence back again. I think she is bloody beautiful and so does the rest of my fam and her friends, but I wanted HER to see this as well

So I put Mum in the hands of someone who has saved me and so many others – Damien!


I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard “we’re not going to find anything for me today” or “nothing suits me” and even “I’m too old to wear anything that is in store at the moment” at the beginning of a style session. But honestly my favourite part of being a stylist is completely turning that around!

I see many different clients throughout my work but there is one in particular that pops up more than the others – the Mum! And the story is always the same, they have had their kids and time has gone into caring for them, making sure school lunches are packed and they are properly clothed from head to toe, and this is the way it should be and why we love them so much. New fashions and the latest trends are not even on the list so it isn’t unusual that after this process women do lose a bit of their confidence as they feel they have been ‘out of the game’ for so long. The most rewarding part for me is helping them get some of that back so they can feel great about themselves and step out in confidence – not to mention they are taking some time out to do something purely for them.

The key to it all is dressing for your body shape and knowing what works. It’s not always about having the latest trend pieces head to toe but small injections of the correct ones will make all the difference. We have to also get rid of the “I’m too old for this” myth. It isn’t in the age, it’s how you put it all together. Women can look fabulous at any age (and with any budget) provided the outfit fits them well and suits them – its all about the confidence that this brings that will make you look amazing!

Here are five of my fast tips:

1. Off the shoulder tops are extremely flattering – and yes they are not just for the younger market! A woman’s décolletage is a place that always looks good regardless of your body type and age, with this being the focal point it takes the eye away from those other parts you want to hide – while looking extremely chic while doing so!

2. Prints Prints Prints! Not only do they add some interest to your look but they can hide a multitude of sins! Go for a print size that is in proportion to your height and you are in for a winner!

3. V is for Victory – A V neckline is always a favourite option, again it shows off your neckline and opens up the top half of your body.  A great option for our bigger busted ladies too!

4. Sleeve detailing – frills, cascades , pleats… we are seeing it all this season! This sleeve detailing can be extremely flattering, so keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple and let the sleeves do the talking. Again it draws the eye to a flattering part of your body while concealing other areas.

5. The wrap dress is your friend! An eternal favourite – the wrap dress is my number one item pick that looks great on absolutely everyone! The reason it works is that the tie waist cinches in the smallest part of your body which is super slimming. This paired with the V neckline and a skirt that skims over the hips and you have a winning combination. Add some statement earrings and a metallic bag for night or throw on a denim jacket and some flats and wear it out on the weekend!

Damien xx

The best part? As we walked out of Westfield Marion today… My Mum turned to me with a huge smile and said “I haven’t felt this good in years”.

That’s all I wanted, so thank you Damien xx

PS how good does Mama Jules look, guys?



Millie Looker

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  • Jeanine says:

    Gorgeous & soooo pretty! You look like sisters 🌸.

  • Carmen Buck says:

    Would love this experience for my daughter who has 3 boy’s and no time for herself. It would be amazing for us to have this experience together.

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