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By Emma Kent | Guest Blogger

One of the most common things we hear is that when you become a mother, it can feel like you lose a piece of your identity. Kristy Hansen is one of the awesome Adeladies that are smashing that misconception out of the water and proving that becoming a mumma bear doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things that you LOVE xx

Image Credit :: Nick Ducker

Kristy Hansen is a mother, an academic and a rock climber.

She started climbing seriously in her early 20’s and was drawn to the outdoors and to the satisfaction that comes from completing a project. “I like finding a graceful way to solve problems and when you find a nice sequence it’s like you’re dancing on the rock,” Kristy explains.

Before becoming a mother, Kristy had travelled extensively to climb. She had been to Thailand, Poland, New Zealand, France, Iceland and throughout the eastern states of Australia perfecting her art.

Ten years after Kristy found her love of climbing, she and her partner Branko (who is also a rock climber) had a child, who is now just shy of his third birthday. Together Kristy and Branko now balance their love of climbing with parenting their son, Vladimir.

Image Credit :: Dusan Zajamsek

Kristy and Branko have worked out a system of looking after their son whilst climbing, Kristy climbs for 10 minutes while Branko looks after Vladimir and then they switch. “I am very lucky my partner is into climbing as well so we can go to the gym together.” says Kristy.

When climbing outside, Kristy looks for places that are closed in and places where there are things for her son to play with. “We prefer to go with a third person or in a group so that one of us is always there to look after Vladimir.”

Since becoming a mother, Kristy approaches her climbing differently. Prior to having her son, Kristy would not be as concerned about things like having enough protection or climbing as the sun goes down. However despite feeling as though she is pushing herself more than ever, she does so with much less risk.

Kristy credits her family and partner to being able to balance her life as a parent, as well an academic and a climber. Recently she and her partner were able to go over to Europe and take a few days out to go climbing while visiting her partner’s parents in Slovenia. The grandparents spent some much loved time with their grandchild while Kristy and Branko were able to spend some quality time together.

Image Credit :: Nick Ducker

“Branko and I work very well as a team and I couldn’t do as much as I do without him.”

In addition, she also is able to balance her time by being very efficient at what she does. Between her career as an academic, her climbing and her son, there is little time for anything else. “I tend to lock myself in my office at work and during my 10 minutes of climbing time, I like to just climb. It’s the only way I can fit everything in”.

Keep smashing those work / life goals Kristy xx


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