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Who else made the pledge to learn a new skill or better themselves during ISO earlier this year, but in reality, ended up attempting homemade sourdough and making your way through Netflix instead? It was a weird time so it’s ok to forgive yourself for that — but now, it’s time to jump back into real life and do all those things you always wanted to do! If you’ve been dreaming of a change up in your career path, this is the perfect opportunity.

For yeaaaars now, men have been dominating the trade industry. Why? We’re not quite sure, but what we DO know is that times are a-changing. More and more women are entering the industry every single year — something that is fully supported by the peeps over at TAFE SA.

After a quick visit the other week, we’ve realised that there are soooo many benefits for women in trades… here are our top ten reasons to consider studying trades at TAFE SA.

1. SA needs trades

Over the next few years, 42 out of the 50 careers predicted to have the highest growth will need technical skills — like the ones you get through a trade apprenticeship. That’s right ladies, trades are going to sky rocket!

2. You’re more likely to get work

Research shows that five years after completing their education, Vocational Education Training graduates are 25% more likely than Bachelor Degree graduates to have a full-time job. Chances are, the Vocational Education grads will be on higher incomes and they won’t have significant study debt. Make it rain, ladies!

3. You get paid to learn

One of the biggest frustrations with a lot of students is the crazy levels of HECS debts that they rack up over the years they are studying. When you’re learning a trade at TAFE SA, you actually get paid at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough — you still also get a student card, which means discounts. Cha-ching.

4. The dollars are great

Speaking of money… it’s time to bust some myths, and let you know that often tradies earn more than a uni graduate! Its all about having those essential skills!

5. SA is where the jobs are at

SA is booming at the moment, with so many plans for improvement as well as Defence projects. It’s expected that by the mid to late 2020s, there are going to be around 5,200 extra jobs created, making work that little bit easier to find.

6. The sky is the limit

With a trade qualification, you don’t just have to aim for general employment — aim even higher with plans for your own business! Because the learning experience is so hands on, you’ll know exactly what it is like to work on a job or project manage in prime locations on exciting developments. This kind of experience can’t be taught in a classroom, and will build on your management and trade skills at the same time.

7. It’s all about who you know

Getting the chance to learn hands-on with a real team provides you with a great network as you finish up your studies and head into the workforce. You won’t just be leaving with a qualification, but with a great list of referees as well. On top of that, employers often recruit from these classes to avoid the lengthy application process so the chances of getting a job are high!

8. The opportunities are endless

Wherever your passions lies, there is a course just for you — from building and construction right through to electrotechnology, plumbing, refrigeration, auto mechanics — the variety is never ending. In total, TAFE SA courses cover more than 80 areas of industry and activity, with flexible study options that suit the needs of their students.

9. Hands on learning

TAFE SA’s Tonsley location is super unique, as their “classrooms” have been designed to replicate real project sites, making the building a learning tool itself!

10. Keep it flexible

In this day and age, there are so many different ways that you can reach your perfect career. Whether you’re in a position to study full time, or need something more flexible so you can continue to work another job or care for your family, TAFE SA is open to finding a schedule that suits you.

In an industry that has been forever dominated by men, it’s finally our time to shine ladies! It’s time to break down those barriers, smash those glass ceilings, and challenge the many stereotypes that sit within the trade industry at the moment. The world is a better place when we all come together and draw on each others skills, so you never know — this might just be the start for women in trades!

:: Applications are now open for 2021. Click HERE to apply now or call 1800 882 661 for further details :: 

Sources for statistical data have been referenced from 2018 NCVER Student Outcomes and Department for Innovation and Skills, SA Government.

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