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By Dinah Crowe :: G-Fresh

Featured on episode 6 of Adelady on Channel 9, Adelaide…



Kid’s chicken nuggets, even the adults will love! Packed full of veggies and crumbed with a GF quinoa crumb, and G-Fresh Chicken Seasoning

Served in a SOUL BOWL style with baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, avocado, lemon wedge, eggs and  zucchini noodles…


2 free range chicken breast

1C frozen mix veggies (defrosted)

Juice 1 lemon

2t G-Fresh chicken seasoning

1 egg, whisked

2C quinoa flakes

Olive oil spray

2 eggs whisked (for crumbing process)



Blitz chicken breast in your food processor.  Transfer to large mixing bowl.

Blitz your frozen mixed veg, just a couple of pulses is fine.  You don’t want this pureed.  A bit of texture is fine.  Transfer this to your bowl with chicken.  Mix in your egg, juice of lemon and G-Fresh Chicken Seasoning.  Give a really good mix with your hands.

In 1 bowl have your 2 whisked eggs.  In another bowl have your quinoa flakes.  Have a lined baking tray ready.

Wet your hands.   Roll into smallish size balls and flatten out slightly.  Gently dip into egg wash then coat in your quinoa flake.  Make sure its evenly coated.  Place on baking tray and repeat process until all done.

Spray generously with olive oil spray and bake in oven for approx. 30mins at 180*C until golden and cooked through. Add vegetables and eggs for the soul bowl and enjoy!

Dinah x

Lauren De Cesare

Lauren De Cesare

Co-Creator and Sales Director extraordinaire for Adelady, she loves to talk AND she loves to talk business.

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