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Initially, it seems like an unusual combination — I mean honestly, horseradish and wine?? But dig a little deeper and it all makes sense. It starts with the red jar that needs no introduction… Newman’s Horseradish.

Newman’s Horseradish is such a permanent fixture in all of our fridges that you’d almost expect it to come from a huge plant with hundreds of workers. In reality, Newman’s is based in beautiful Langhorne Creek, owned and operated by proud South Australians, Brian and Anne Meakins.

Since day one, the Meakins have used the original recipe that they started with when they first began production in Tea Tree Gully in 1947. And why wouldn’t you, when it’s such a tasty success?

The horseradish production is astonishingly easy (however, they may have left out a secret ingredient or two when we were wandering around…) and takes place on the same property that the horseradish is picked from. Langhorne Creek is blessed with the best soil in the biz, so there’s no shortage of produce.

That leads us to the wine side of things. Living in Langhorne Creek means that the Meakins are surrounded by soil that was MADE to grow grapes. It seemed almost rude for them to live in such a stunning region and not make the most of the land, so Brian started planting vines, playing around with wine blends, and eventually Rusticana Wines was born.

The cellar door now gives you the opportunity to try some of SA’s most delectable treats, all in the same place. Sip on your favourite wine, and try the horseradish range (there are a bunch to choose from!) or fill up a shopping basket with some of the best platter items that the region has to offer. Enjoy it on the spot, or take it home — it’s your choice!

Brian and Anne live on the property, and you can feel their charm and passion oozing through every space — from the old harvester puttering along the field out the back, to the beautiful garden beds lining the house and the cellar door, to the fresh apple trees underneath the property (I picked my very first apple, what a thrill!).

Newman’s Horseradish and Rustican Wines are a duo that you must experience first hand, smack bang in the middle of our very own Langhorne Creek.

Now excuse me — I’m off to make a roast beef and horseradish sanga.

Millie x

:: You can visit Newman’s Horseradish and Rusticana Wines at Lake Plains Road, Langhorne Creek SA 5255, or you can find the horseradish products in the refrigerator section of your local supermarket ::

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