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Slow-cooking sauces are all the rage. If you’re in the camp that’s still wondering why, it’s probably time to buy yourself a slow cooker and a jar of Chef’s Garden Simmer ‘n’ Slow.

  Photo :: Naomi Giatas

Traditionally used in winter, slow-cooking sauces make it easy to create the ultimate comfort foods. You know, the ones that resemble all the stews, casseroles and pot roasts you had as a child? Nowadays, we tell ourselves we’re time-poor. Whether it’s long days at work, after-school activities, or even the convenience of food delivery apps, we’re just not making enough time to prepare delicious and healthy dinners. Slow cookers can prepare dinner while you stay busy throughout the day — all you need is your main ingredient like beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb or veggies and a jar of Simmer ‘n’ Slow. Anything else you want to add is entirely optional and shouldn’t take long to do.

Photo :: Naomi Giatas 

Slow-cooked meat, fish or veggies are designed to fall apart in the best way and work beautifully when served on rice or cous-cous. And any leftovers can be frozen for quick dinners when you get home late. But have you ever thought about taking these traditional winter ingredients to create other dishes, year-round?

Summer is burrito season and you’ll never find an easier way to build a feast for your friends than by letting your slow cooker do most of the work! Then, all you need to do is chop up a few fresh ingredients alongside your sour cream, cheese and guac. The Simmer ‘n’ Slow range is versatile enough to help make your slow-cooked beef or chicken the hero for your zesty homemade pizzas; the perfect marinade for your barbecued ribs; or even the key to a rich spaghetti bolognese sauce that the kids will love. These family-friendly cooking sauces are loaded with flavour and not too heavy handed with the spice. They’re the perfect introduction to more exotic foods for your fussy little eaters!

This ready-to-use slow-cooking sauce range includes Moroccan, Tuscan, Piri Piri and Mediterranean. All Chef’s Garden slow-cooking sauces, authentic Indian curry pastes, condiments, cooking oils and salad sauces are gluten-free and contain no added MSG. If you want high quality, grab something straight from the Chef’s Garden!

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