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By Millie Looker

Local Grind

:: The Watson, 33 Warwick St, Walkerville

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I just can’t help myself — no matter where I’m going or who I’m meeting, I always find myself there 10 minutes early. It’s just who I am.

It’s not all twiddling thumbs and waiting games though, because I’ve found myself a brilliant past-time in exploring the local coffee shops. Today, for example, I was early to meet Hayley and Lauren and ended up in the Local Grind in Walkerville, and fell a little bit in love with their quirky decor and fun coffee cups.

The first thing that I noticed was that there were heaps of customers scattered around, working on their laptops which I LOVED because sometimes I feel a little bit rude or guilty whipping out my portable office in public.

The second thing that I noticed was the COLOUR! Even the coffee cups are every shade of the rainbow, and there are plants and pops of brightness all over the place.

I ordered my coffee to go, so that I’d be ready for the girls when they arrived, and was delighted to find that it arrived in a cup with a turtle on it — and not to sound like one of thooooose social media people, but it was just so Instagrammable that I couldn’t help myself!

While I was waiting, I saw SO much delicious food going past that we actually ended up coming back for lunch! Here are just SOME of the amazing things that you can order…

The space is quite big so you could definitely take your whole fam for breakfast, and there are plenty of food options and pastries for everyone to enjoy. In saying that, it’s also the perfect space for a meeting if you don’t feel like heading into the city, and of course if you are staying at The Watson then it’s just a short elevator ride away!

For all you caffeine addicts, make sure to add this one to your list of places to try.

Millie xx

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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