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Don’t let her blue eyes and blonde locks fool you — Millie is a force to be reckoned with! She has a background and enormous passion for running events (who doesn’t love a good party?), as well as a secret obsession with spreadsheets and organisation. This makes her the Adelady Data Girl and Event Queen! She first met Lauren and Hayley when she was working at the Leukaemia Foundation and it was love at first sight. If you ever see her driving around Adelaide, please turn a blind eye as she is probably singing (badly) to Beyonce while drinking a coffee the size of her head. Millie has been a fan of pineapples since they were just a food, but loves the fact that pineapples now represent her dream job at Adelady.


Recipe :: Quick and Easy “Cheat’s Quiche”

By Millie Looker :: Romeo’s Retail Group This is probably the quickest “cheat quiche” that you can possibly make – and it’s deliciously golden and oh-so-tasty too! Ingredients 2 sheets frozen shortcrust pastry 1 Sunfresh Salads Down To Earth Roasted Vegetable Warm Salad 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 4 eggs 1/4 cup milk 1/4 cup pouring cream […] Read more…

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Recipe :: Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Tart

By Millie Looker :: G-Fresh Spices This is my go-to quick comfort meal that is delicious and full of veg (so I feel healthy eating it!) Ingredients 2 sheets frozen shortcrust pastry 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 10 mushrooms, chopped 1 small bag of spinach 1 small sweet potato, diced Handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered 40g goats […] Read more…

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Recipe :: Healthy Chicken Fajita Bowls

By Millie Looker :: G-Fresh Spices Every time I go through a healthy eating phase, I get so sad that I have to part ways with my Mexican addiction. Well — I won’t suffer any more, now that I’ve got this healthy dish! Ingredients 1 bag mixed lettuce 1 cup shredded cheese 1 canned corn […] Read more…

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

By Millie Looker It’s no secret that winter in Adelaide gets cold. Like, REALLY cold. As we struggle through the grey and dreary days of winter every year there is one thing that’s always bugged me… What on earth did we do to Mother Nature to deserve freezing winter days without the joy of snow?! […] Read more…

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Authentic Thai Street Food on Hutt St!

By Millie Looker :: 174A Hutt St, Adelaide :: WEBSITE :: FACEBOOK :: INSTAGRAM When a friend suggested we hit up Social Street for dinner there was a bit of confusion that went with it. I thought it was a bar (“but I need fooooood”), another friend thought that street food meant we had to eat our meals out […] Read more…

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Plant 4 Bowden just keeps getting better!

By Millie Looker I might be a little late to the party here, since I’ve been hearing about the awesome-ness that is Plant 4 Bowden for a while now, but I recently got the chance to check it out and I just can’t help myself — I have to talk about it! Plant 4 Bowden […] Read more…

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6 reasons why Club Rhythm is our latest pilates obsession

By Millie Looker My snooze button gives me exactly 9 more minutes of shut-eye… which means most mornings are spent calculating exactly how many more times I can afford to hit snooze before I’m really, REALLY late. Pro — I’ve become exceptionally good at any maths calculation involving the number 9. Con — My morning […] Read more…

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The Crown & Sceptre in all its glory!

By Millie Looker :: 308 King William St, Adelaide CBD :: WEBSITE :: FACEBOOK :: INSTAGRAM Adelaide is full of history, with beautiful buildings and memories galore! So, nothing makes us happier than when classic venues get a facelift and are re-engergised with fresh blood! That’s exactly what’s happened at the Crown & Sceptre on […] Read more…

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There’s a buzz around Pollen 185

By Millie Looker Pollen 185 :: 185 King William Rd, Hyde Park :: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 9am to 3pm, and then 6pm to 9pm. ::  WEBSITE  ::  FACEBOOK  ::  INSTAGRAM  :: This morning I walked into our office in Unley dripping wet from the rain, heard a loud bang as the power went out, and turned right […] Read more…

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By Millie Looker There’s no avoiding it any more — Winter. Is. Coming. As the mornings start to get a little frostier, and the evenings are pitch black before you’ve barely had a chance to leave work, everyone in Adelaide starts to think about the same thing… “bring me sunny days and cocktails by the […] Read more…

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The MS Game Changer Lottery Could Change A Life

By Millie Looker It’s that time of year again — the MS Game Changer Lottery is here. And while the flash and sparkle of those incredible prizes can be blinding, there is an underlying message that we ALL need to learn more about. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological condition that 2,300 South Australians […] Read more…

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Steal our Robe Itinerary

By Millie Looker Robe has a certain charm about it that I had completely forgotten about. That is, until I found myself driving down the Main Street of this salty seaside town. For some reason it was always a place that we visited as kids but as adults, it suddenly felt like it was a […] Read more…

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Why the world LOVES SA’s Mayura Station!

By Millie Looker Situated in the idyllic countryside just a few minutes outside of Millicent you’ll find Mayura Station, an unassuming little building with a globally recognised status for being AMAZING. Let’s just start by saying that these guys aren’t mucking around when it comes to the beef that they have on offer. You might […] Read more…

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Amazing Farquhar Kitchen Transformation!

By Millie Looker Mr Farquhar, you’ve done it again. Being the wonderful wizard that you are, you’ve managed to transform a small, dark kitchen into a beautiful, open space. Let us take you back to Season 2 of Adelady TV for a moment, where we gave away a BRAND NEW Farquhar Kitchen, complete with Spartan […] Read more…

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The best fashion + homewares in Robe!

By Millie Looker WARNING. It is physically impossible to leave Holiday Trading & Co empty handed, so make sure to bring your wallets and perhaps a burly friend to help carry the obscene amount of shopping bags that you’re destined to leave with. Walking into Holiday Trading & Co is like walking into the minds […] Read more…

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We’ve found our personal version of heaven in Robe!

By Millie Looker Sitting just behind a sand dune and overlooking the ocean is an idyllic home just waiting for you to visit! And the best part? It’s just 1 of 30 Robe Lifestyle Properties that you can choose from! I’m writing this in the Portview House, from a squashy couch which is so big […] Read more…

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Steal our Riverland Itinerary

By Millie Looker Ahh the Riverland — there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in SA, and that’s because it’s got it all! Adventure, extreme sports, incredible views and a great vibe. Another thing that it has? Wine. And we mean like, a LOT of wine. So much wine in […] Read more…

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We met the REAL Salena from Salena Estate

By Millie Looker We recently met the beautiful Salena from Salena Estate, and I think it’s safe to say that now we ALL want a winery named after us! It all started in 1998, when Salena was 6 years old and the ONLY apple of her parent’s eyes. After a couple of successful years perfecting […] Read more…

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BEST Greek food EVER at Eleni’s at Mallee Estate

By Millie Looker I’m about to make a VERY big call. Have you heard of Mallee Estate — you know, the beautiful cellar door and vineyard just outside of Renmark? They’ve recently opened their new restaurant, Eleni’s, and… here it goes… It is the best Greek food I’ve ever eaten in South Australia. BOOM. Now, […] Read more…

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The best way to explore the Riverland!

By Millie Looker We’ve just discovered our new favourite way to explore the Murray River, and it doesn’t involve an action sport or breakneck speeds. Now don’t get us wrong, we are quite partial to drinking wine on a houseboat or zipping around in a speed boat, but NOTHING compares to getting amongst the incredible […] Read more…

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Riverland’s Angove Family Winemakers + St Agnes Distillery

By Millie Looker Welcome to Angove Family Winemakers and St Agnes Distillery, where you can see the process of a legendary SA spirit being made while you enjoy a taste of organic wine. Let us start by saying that this place is LEGIT. Every where you look there is a different sized barrel of brandy […] Read more…

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Everyone Meet Jan, the Heart + Soul of Janesce

By Millie Looker If you have a truck load of passion and are willing to put in a whole lot of work – this Adelady is proof that anything is possible! Jan is the creator of the premium skincare line, Janesce. Here’s how she created her boutique comapny… Everyone meet Jan. We love Jan — […] Read more…

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Weekend Itinerary in the Adelaide Hills

By Millie Looker Ahh the Adelaide Hills, we fall a little more in love every time we find ourselves cruising up the freeway or winding through the back roads. And don’t even try and deny it — we know you love it too. Every time we share a piece of the Adelaide Hills with you, […] Read more…

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Explore the Adelaide Hills on the SteamRanger Heritage Railway!

By Millie Looker We’ve discovered a whole new way to explore the Adelaide Hills, and the best part? It makes us feel like we’re part of a Harry Potter movie! We managed to score a 10/10 day for travelling through our beautiful state, which we were grateful for as we stood on the train platform […] Read more…

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By Millie Looker The Adelaide Hills has 57363957* wineries to choose from, so it’s super important for a cellar door to have a point of difference. Well, Sidewood at Maximilians has so many points of difference we’ve dedicated a whole article to them! Everyone in Adelaide seems to have a memory from this gorgeous estate, […] Read more…

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Adelady Fleurieu Peninsula Itinerary

By Millie Looker Fleurieu is fun to say, and even more fun to explore! This incredibly beautiful part of our state is jam-packed full of history, family, food, wine, ocean views, and soooo much more! Since the Fleurieu Peninsula is half vineyard views and half seaside vibes there’s plenty to choose from. We started our […] Read more…

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The Best Way to Spend the Easter Weekend in Adelaide!

By Millie Looker Alright, we’re calling it — Kidz Gigantic Day Out is the most fun your family could possibly have this Easter! Don’t believe me? Let me explain… The Easter long weekend is such a great time to spend with your family and friends but it’s fair to say that trying to entertain the […] Read more…

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By Millie Looker and NumberWorks’nWords :: WEBSITE     :: FACEBOOK     :: INSTAGRAM  I was so lucky to be raised in a world that celebrated learning. I always had a book in my hand, and no matter how slow I was or how many words I stumbled over I had different family members always there to listen as I […] Read more…

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Meet our new family at Zerella Wines, McLaren Vale

By Millie Looker It’s 11am on a Thursday. I’m sitting on the lawn under a beautiful big tree, overlooking vineyards and olive trees for as far as the eye can see. There is wine being poured and rumours of the world’s biggest antipasto platter coming out soon. Welcome to Zerella Wines — a cellar door […] Read more…

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Why We Are Obsessed With Matt Blatt

By Millie Looker If you’ve ever wondered about our style, then look no further — Matt Blatt has us all worked out! Every single inch of quirky colour represents everything that we love, so it’s no surprise that we walked in and immediately started calculating just how much more we could fit in our already […] Read more…

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Fall In Love With Our Adelaide Itinerary

By Millie Looker Have you ever bought a dress, worn it a few times and then left it to sit in the back of your wardrobe for a few years? Then when you clean out your closet and rediscover how beautiful it is, you fall in love with it all over again? That’s how we […] Read more…

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It’s all happening at Home Ground

By Millie Looker Finally, the Adelaide Riverbank has exactly what it’s always needed — Home Ground is where it’s at! This brand new destination has some of the best views that our beautiful little city has to offer, and you can lap it all up with the outdoor dining options (of course, if it’s that […] Read more…

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Accommodation: The Watson in Walkerville

By Millie Looker The Watson :: WEBSITE :: INSTAGRAM There is so much to know about this beautiful hotel in Walkerville – The Watson, and it amazes me that before today I didn’t even know it was here! That’s why we love being a tourist in our own city, there is always something new to […] Read more…

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Accomodation: Coast Motel and Apartments

By Millie Looker When the right people recognise the natural beauty that SA has to offer, and choose to set their sights on building a business that compliments it, that’s when the magic happens. Take Coast Motel and Apartments, for example — the striking blue coastline of Port Noarlunga deserves to be shown off, and […] Read more…

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Our Picks At The Adelaide Central Market

By Millie Looker Adelaide Central Market :: WEBSITE :: INSTAGRAM :: FACEBOOK There’s something about the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide Central Market that we just love. It’s a place where you see people from every corner of Adelaide come together to celebrate and enjoy the local and exotic produce that’s on offer. The […] Read more…

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Where to find the best wine in South Australia’s Riverland

By Millie Looker When you think of the Riverland, there are few obvious things that come to mind — face planting while learning to waterski, cruising in a houseboat and going into full fangirl mode when the Murray Princess comes past, taking 14,687 pics of the sunrise bouncing off of the orange cliffs, wild long […] Read more…

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Laneway Bar In The Heart of Adelaide: Lady Burra

By Millie Looker Lady Burra :: ADDRESS – 4 Topham Mall, Adelaide CBD :: OPENING HOURS – Monday to Saturday :: WEBSITE :: INSTAGRAM Lady Burra is one of Adelaide’s funkiest venues, right in the heart of the CBD. Their point of difference? They’re the only micro-brewery smack-bang in the middle of our city streets. […] Read more…

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Local Coffee at the Local Grind in Walkerville!

By Millie Looker Local Grind :: The Watson, 33 Warwick St, Walkerville :: Instagram :: Website I just can’t help myself — no matter where I’m going or who I’m meeting, I always find myself there 10 minutes early. It’s just who I am. It’s not all twiddling thumbs and waiting games though, because I’ve […] Read more…

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Adelady Kangaroo Island Itinerary

By Millie Looker Ahh Kangaroo Island, we love you and the beautiful people that make up your population. We were lucky enough to witness the love and support that the residents of KI have for each other first hand, when we found ourselves caught up in the fires that took place a few weeks ago. […] Read more…

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Our Tips to unlock the BEST of the Adelaide Fringe

By Millie Looker Roll up, roll up, the Adelaide Fringe is back for another year and it’s going to be the best kind of CRAZY! With venues dotted all around Adelaide, an even bigger Gluttony than ever before and the new Big River Motel at Royal Croquet Club, it’s set to be one helluva festival […] Read more…

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10 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for Adelaide’s Cellar Door Fest

By Millie Looker When we heard that the Cellar Door Fest was coming back for it’s 8th year, we just knew that the wine gods had been listening to our prayers. Seriously — we know that we bang on about the amazing wine that SA produces, but that’s just because it’s SO DAMN GOOD! This […] Read more…

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By Millie Looker It’s impossible not to love the Adelaide CBD. We’ve got more pretty parklands than we do skyscrapers, our bar scene is starting to rival the big leagues in Sydney and Melbourne, and if you’re more “espresso” than “martini” then there are close to a billion* chic little cafes and restaurants popping up […] Read more…

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Amadio is taking Kangaroo Island by storm

By Millie Looker Amadio Cellar Door – Kangaroo Island :: 1 Commercial St, Kingscote SA 5223 :: 08 8553 3235 :: WEBSITE So picture this — we’ve walked into Amadio and within 2 and a half seconds we all have a glass of wine in hand and there’s talk of Mrs Amadio’s meatballs coming to […] Read more…

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Kangaroo Island cafe alert: CACTUS!

By Millie Looker Cactus Kangaroo Island :: 59 Dauncey St, Kingscote – Kangaroo Island, SA :: INSTAGRAM :: FACEBOOK Cruising down the main stretch of Dauncey St in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, we stumbled upon the cutest little blue and white cafe – Cactus! With a big tree out the front providing plenty of shade and big […] Read more…

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Swimming with Seals on the KI Ocean Safari

By Millie Looker Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari :: WEBSITE :: INSTAGRAM :: 0419 772 175 Anyone that’s been around our team for more than 5 minutes knows that we have 3 very distinctive screams. One for when we’re a tad nervous but going to give it a whirl anyway, one for when we are taken […] Read more…

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Take your next work trip to Hahndorf!

By Millie Looker If you’re a long-time follower of Adelady then firstly – THANKS!! – and secondly, you’re probably familiar with our love affair with the Haus in Hahndorf + Hahndorf Accomodation Group. You see, this whirlwind romance doesn’t just stem from the fact that our first meeting with their team included wine and oysters […] Read more…

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My perfectly healthy brother was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes

By Millie Looker My younger brother (Ned, who is now 21) is incredibly healthy and active. He plays golf almost daily, cricket on the weekends and when he’s bored he chucks on his sand shoes and goes for a run. He probably eats a bit more bacon that your daily limit recommends but all in […] Read more…

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Where to get the best party food in Adelaide

By the Adelady Team WE LIKE TO PARTY! WE LIKE, WE LIKE TO PARTY! If you can’t already tell, the silly season is well and truly HERE. If we haven’t been returning emails or answering our phones, it’s because we’ve been busy hosting dance parties in our office. The Adelady team has an uncanny resemblance to […] Read more…



Adelaide Eats: The Peel St on Peel St!

By Millie Looker The Peel St :: Peel St :: 08 8231 8887 :: WEBSITE We don’t tend to overcomplicate things, so when we had to decide on a place to have our Chrissy lunch we went for The Peel St — on Peel St of course! And ohh maaa gawwwd it was delicious! We may […] Read more…

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SA holiday accommodation: The divine Seawall Apartments!

By Millie Looker There’s just something about the Seawall Apartments that makes our heart’s happy. Image credit: Seawall You know those places where you arrive and immediately feel at home? That’s how you feel when you drive through the gates and catch a glimpse of the esplanade, with the ocean stretched out right in front […] Read more…

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