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By Stacey Caruso Makeup


Ok so many of you Adelaidies might know by now that I’m not a huge fan of the whole contouring phenomenon. And whilst I’m not crazy about contouring to the extreme, I do love highlighting and using products and techniques to make the skin look radiant and glowing.

Whether you are using a powder, cream or liquid highlighter it should be used sparingly and on certain points of the face – we don’t wanna go too crazy and end up looking like a disco ball, LOL! The cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow on the lip, and a little on the chin and centre of the forehead are the main areas to apply your favourite highlighter. During the day you may just want to apply a soft sweep of highlighter on the cheekbones and brown bone (under the brow) for a more subtle look but for evening don’t be afraid to play it up a little more.

So what highlighter should you use? Here are my faves to get my glow on!



This is one of my favourite powder highlighters as I believe it looks great on a lot of skin tones. It has a champagne/peachy hue and has a relatively strong pigment so a little goes a long way. Layer for a more intense look or use with a light application for a more subtle glow.


Bobbi’s highlighting powder is great because is not too glittery and comes in two shades – Pink Glow for light to medium skin tones and Bronze Glow for medium to dark skin tones. It has a soft texture and great reflective pearl pigments and can be used anywhere on the face or body that you want to add glow.

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Nars has a couple of different formulas when it comes to highlighters but these are my favourite. Hot Sand is a peach tone with a gold shimmer and Copacabana is more of a pearl/opalescent shimmer. For someone that is more of a dryer skin, you may prefer to use a cream/liquid highlighter over a powder formula and these can be applied just as easily with your fingertips or a foundation brush if you prefer. Liquid highlighters can also be mixed with your foundation to give the illusion of glowing, radiant skin.

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What’s your favourite highlighter?

Stacey x


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  • Matilda says:

    Ooo these are totally gorgeous! My current favourite is the theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. It’s a champagne colour. I was thinking about getting a more peachy one and was considering the Cindy-Lou, but will also check some of these out. Thanks!

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