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We’ve been singing the praises of our skin goddess, Rose from Elixir Skin Fitness on The Parade, for a while now and we’re not about to slow down. This inspiring Adelady is beautiful from the inside out and leaves you with a smile from ear to ear every time you see her.

As a dermal therapist, Rose dives in much deeper than the surface to get you looking and feeling your best, and after years of seeing her in action, we know how well it works.

Her holistic approach looks at how overall health and lifestyle affects your skin and she educates every client on little changes that can make one heck of a difference.

She’s just opened the doors to a new place to work her magic on The Parade (right next door to where she was before) and we’re telling you, one visit will have you hooked on her expertise.

Here are a few ways Rose can help your skin to be the best it can be…

1. Goodbye lumps, bumps and discomfort

Inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis can strike at any age. Apart from rebuilding and repairing your skin, Rose gets to the root of what’s triggering them so you can get on top of them for good.

2. Turn back time

Apart from Cher, no one can ACTUALLY turn back time but Rose sure is a superstar at slowing down the ageing process and bringing out your healthiest skin. Truth be told, she’s taken us from feeling like old leather handbags to spring chickens, to the point we’re comfy getting out and about without a lick of makeup on.

3. Fare-the-well patchy skin

All those years of thinking we were getting a ‘healthy glow’ have certainly come back to bite us. Pigmentation can be triggered by hormonal changes, stress, medication, and the biggie… sun exposure. Never fear though, Rose is the guru of minimising the enzyme process that produces pigmentation, using sunscreen and inhibiting serums, plus other treatments for more drastic results, including laser therapy.

4. Hello smarter, brighter days

It’s not all about drip feeding you with info and racking up treatments every time you’re in the room with Rose. This health hero designs personalised treatment plans so you can work towards long-term sustainable change. She’s all about educating you to make changes at home that will work in conjunction with the products she recommends and the therapy she performs, so you get a gob-smacking result.

5. Big event ready

Whether it’s your wedding, birthday or any other big event, Rose can make sure your skin screams “happy, healthy heroine coming your way”! This superstar will help treat any issues so your skin is the healthiest and most radiant possible on your big day. She can also help with treating any scars or pigmentation on your back, neck, chest, arms… wherever you want a little help so you can feel fab in the skin you’re in.

6. You are what you eat

Rose is all about gut health and understands that the state of your skin has a direct correlation with what you’ve been putting in your gob. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gut health and with simple changes to your diet, Rose will enlighten you about how that will help your skin.

So much more than a beauty salon, Rose will have you thinking about the big picture and prioritising your overall health. The bonus? Incredibly radiant, uber healthy skin that will have you feeling fab.

Em xx

Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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