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I adore my kids, but one of the biggest challenges of adjusting to life with miniature people has been letting go of my obsessive tidying. Pre-motherhood, I beamed with pride in how I kept my house — pristine surfaces, scented candles, perfectly placed throw rugs, eclectic cushions and a soundtrack of my favourite artists were high on my priority list.

Fast forward seven years, two kids, and one fur baby, and there’s zero time for atmosphere — to be honest, it’s more of a daily manic ritual — rummaging for shoes, matching socks, drink bottle lids and clean linen.

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So, when our buddies at Century 21 offered some handy tips on keeping the kiddos’ rooms organised, I squealed! In the spirit of helping maintain the sanity of fellow-parents, here’s the low-down…

1. Revolutionise the wardrobe

Ever thought of using curtains for your wardrobes? I never had, but it makes perfect sense to remove the doors which are generally a pinching hazard and far too heavy for tiny hands to deal with. Even better, it means you can encourage independence from an earlier age and I’m all up for anything that helps ease the daily nervous breakdown that comes with getting littlies clothed!

2. Create a smoke-screen

I’m the queen of sweeping a whole Lego set into a draw or shoving unfolded washing under the bed when visitors call in. Never underestimate what may be lurking behind closed doors if you do drop by. But the good news is, everybody does it and the more hidey-holes you can find to stash things, the better! I’ve learnt the beauty of beds with drawers and found it particularly helpful to stash clean linen there while going through toilet training. At 2am, every sleep-deprived second saved is worth its weight in gold!

3. Two birds, one stone

Finding a good wall to make a bookshelf can be tricky in smaller rooms, especially once the kids graduate to their own big bed. But here’s a novel idea…  use those handy Ikea box shelves to make a headboard for your little one’s bed and voila! It’s the perfect space to house rows of books and a bonus, you’re keeping the joy of reading top of mind, no matter what their age.

Image credit :: @mariekondo

4. Marie Kondo their outfits

Love it or hate it, the Marie Kondo craze has created some obvious but super handy tips! At its very basic level, being able to see what you’ve got keeps things tidy, organised and stops you buying more unnecessary items. The fact that kids grow like weeds has never deterred me from falling victim to cute fashion trends, but I’ll admit to buyer’s remorse when I clean their wardrobes every six months only to find items I’ve totally forgotten and they’ve well outgrown. Hanging the big stuff is a clever use of space and will help stop you over-purchasing each season.

Image credit :: @mariekondo

5. Bin it, bin it, bin it

Lego? Bin it. Shoes? Bin them. Socks and jocks? Bin them too! Head to Cheap As Chips and spend the best cash of your life on a whole heap of those see-through storage bins… I swear you’ll never look back. Then, everything of a ‘type’ can be quickly swept into stackable containers and hidden in wardrobes — maximising storage space and keeping the chaos organised.

While I continue faking my way through the parenting gig, I’ll always welcome any tips with open arms. And from a self-confessed control freak/ pedantically-inclined mama, I can only say a big “thaaaaaank you!” to our pals at Century 21 for these pearls of wisdom.

Em xx


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

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