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By Mikaela Medwell – Harris

Bubble wrapping the dog, throwing everything you’ve packed out onto the floor, screeching they can’t find their phone chargers.

No matter how old they are… moving with kids is the absolute pits!

But, the whole process can be made slightly less stressful than it has to be. Here are a few tips you should try so you don’t end up losing your sanity:

Moving with kids

Moving with Kids – tips to ease the pain

1. Calling a family meeting the week beforehand – order a pizza, have a game plan and give them a chance to ask any questions. For the slightly bigger kids you can designate roles so they feel important and excited about the move. Better to get this out of the way before you are juggling a new borns sleeping patterns, Ikea allen keys and multiple moving trucks.

2. A month before, try packing a few boxes every night while the kids are in bed – you can concentrate on organising and labelling, without the permanent markers going missing and being found all over the walls.

3. Try to stay calm – make it an exciting game for them, think of incentives or competitions that encourage helping… and staying out of the way at the same time.

If all else fails, palm them off to the grandparents!


Moving with kids pink house

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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