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By Hayley Pearson


Who doesn’t want to do a tour that involves port shots?!

RAA has just launched SA Holiday Experiences. When you go on holidays, there are two must-dos: relax in comfort and experience things you wouldn’t normally in everyday life.

RAA have done all the hard work for us, so we can book a holiday with just a few clicks of a button. Simply pick your destination and they’ll show you the packages to choose from.

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The Seppeltsfield Taste Your Birth Year

This was possibly the coolest history lesson ever and not just because it ended with a round of port shots.

Sam, our tour guide, was awesome. We learnt about the Seppelt family and history of the region. My jaw is still on the ground after hearing that Mrs Seppelt had nine children… ouch!

You get the full tour and background of Seppeltsfield before heading upstairs to the tasting room. This room is filled with hundreds of 500-litre barrels of port.



The Seppeltsfield Taste Your Birth Year experience offers the rare opportunity to try your own birth year vintage Tawny, directly from the barrel. They even went as far back as my birthday in 1981 — I’m such a dinosaur. Jokes aside, they actually go back as far as 1878 and every year since.



The Seppelts’ son, Benno, decided to create the Centennial Cellar. He barrelled 500 litres of port and gave strict instructions not to open it for 100 years.

How unselfish is that! Now, we get to enjoy it. So every year, three to four barrels are put aside and won’t be opened for another 10 decades. This means that individual years can be selected for birthdays, special milestones or celebrations. Mind you, bottles can be rather pricey.

I was ready for a siesta after one shot!

The Seppeltsfield Taste Your Birth Year is part of the Barossa RAA SA Holiday Experience package.

Hayley x



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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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