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Roll up, roll up, the Adelaide Fringe is back for another year and it’s going to be the best kind of CRAZY!

With venues dotted all around Adelaide, an even bigger Gluttony than ever before and the new Big River Motel at Royal Croquet Club, it’s set to be one helluva festival season — and we’ve made it our personal mission to explore and unlock the best of the Fringe for you!

This year it’s all about feeling like the ultimate VIP. Seriously, the BankSA team have gone and done all the work for you which means that all you need to do is stroll straight up and flash your BankSA card and amazing things will start to happen.

If you’re still in the head-scratchingly-overwhelmed phase of the Fringe then check out our cheat sheet for some serious fun (and some serious savings) below:


We’re going to cut straight to the chase with this one — we know the secret to getting 25% off your Fringe show tickets! BOOM!

Lucky for you, we’re terrible at keeping secrets so here it is… if you purchase your Fringe tickets using a BankSA card, you get 25% off of your ticket price for participating shows. And it’s not like it’s a small, select list of participating shows either — it’s 6 pages long! The term “spoilt for choice” springs to mind…

And, because 25% off is STILL not exciting enough (jokes) you also immediately go into the draw for your chance to win more cool prizes every time you purchase tickets.

Phew, we need a lie down after all this excitement.


We know we aren’t alone when we say that we HATE lines. Honestly, lines have the power to make or break your night so when “priority entry” and “Royal Croquet Club” joined forces our ears pricked up. If you’re a BankSA card holder you get to jump the looooong queue at the RCC. And if you do happen to be waiting out the front, then check out the lobby (you’ll see some funky signage so it’s hard to miss) and score yourself some giveaways such as late rush tickets and Big River Motel tickets.

While we’re on the topic of the Big River Motel — this awesome new open air music venue is usually $30 entry per person but because everyone loves to be spoilt from time to time, BankSA Fringe credit card holders will also get access for them and a friend.


Same brilliant story, but different venue! Gluttony is twice as big this year which means twice as many people which means twice the size of normal lines — not for BankSA card holders though! Flash that card of yours and voila, you’ll be through the gates in no time at all.

For those of you that put the V in VIP, you’ll also be pleased to hear that you’ll have the chance to access reserved front row seats at the show you’re attending, with door staff on hand to call out for BankSA card holders and direct you to your seat if chosen. It’s almost-but-not-quite the same as being a Hollywood A-Lister.


Free Ice-Cream.

Need we say more?

The Parade of Light is literally lighting up North Terrace, making it a colourful Fringe destination. Under the Borealis you’ll find BankSA‘s activation point handing out free ice-cream to any of their BankSA card holders BUT to sweeten the deal (pun intended) if you have a BankSA Fringe credit card then you also get popcorn and a “bum box”, plus a fan to keep yourself kewwwlll.


While you’re at the Fringe this year grab a pic and upload your selfie to social media using the hashtag #FringeAmore and you might just get a surprise from Piping Shrike! Our tip to increase your chances of a surprise — have Piping Shrike in the photo with you, there are cardboard cut-outs of him throughout the Fringe, so keep your eye peeled!

And every Thursday to Saturday night, at 8:20pm at the Parade of Light, BankSA will be doing a special giveaway in their area. There’s the chance to get Fringe vouchers, Fringe club double passes and one major prize – the ultimate Fringe night out  ($50 taxi voucher, $100 restaurant voucher, and $100 Fringe voucher).

For those of you that have made it this far through the article without abandoning ship and running into your nearest BankSA branch to become a customer, we salute you!

Enjoy the Fringe guys — we plan on moving into Gluttony for the duration so we’ll probably see you there! xx

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