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By Kirsty Cane


Have you ever found yourself driving up stretches of road – where in that split second your memory is triggered – and you are taken back to a particular movie scene or a beautiful country you have once visited? Where the vivid scenery surrounding you has you exploding with gratitude, and immediately has you wanderlusting over any type of adventure? Well, on one sunny Monday, when I felt like taking a road trip (and was itching to free the lens) I revisited a little place that did have me exploding with gratitude; that little place was called Seppeltsfield.

Driving along, alone and curious, the sight of palm tree lined bitumen managed to take over my mind (one palm tree has me excited, let alone hundreds!) The backdrop was warm and blue, and the track worn and windy. Totally chuffed with my newfound love, I felt incredibly proud, once again, that South Australia could offer me such a dreamy escape. I had never really looked at Seppeltsfield to be the place that would have me itching to explore. Maybe this time it was because the sky was especially bright, and I was hungrily searching for some inspiration – either way, I was in awe.


Seppeltsfield lies just an hour out of the city of Adelaide, tucked away in a delightful nook in the Barossa Valley. Although its population is small, Seppeltsfield has much to offer and is quite and imperative part of the region. Known widely for its superior wine country, souring palms (they are HEAVENLY), and historic architecture, it is a place that can offer something to everyone… a photographers dream (as I soon found out), a wino’s wish, and an explorer’s desire.


A family mausoleum that looks as though it belongs in Greece is just one of the stunning features situated in the area. The historic building seems to be in pristine condition considering it is placed on top of a palm lined hill – facing all of those harsh elements that Mother Earth has to offer. Make sure you are feeling up for getting your sweat on if you’re ready to see this stunner up close and personal, that hill sure isn’t small!


Further down the road you pass through the quaint, village like town. Offering friendly locals and gorgeous old stone houses, the area also gives its visitors many options to stay overnight – and in my opinion – the bed and breakfast options are lust-worthy. Nothing excites me more than experiencing a place just as those who reside there would, while along the way you can support local business owners and look out to magnificent vineyard views. Yes please!


An absolute must visit is the breathtaking, recently renewed Seppeltsfield Winery. Personalised tours, barrels of port (some over a hundred years old), cellar door wine tastings, incredible scenery, and historic buildings – the list goes on. As well as featuring the wondrous Jam Factory, a place of curious craft (to watch and to learn from the in-house pro’s are both an option!) the winery is also home of super delicious, relatively new restaurant, FINO.



If you are looking for a fresh and exciting dining experience within the region, this is the place to go. House made cocktails, a wine list to be insanely proud of (literally – it recently won Australia’s Best New Wine List Award) and some of best food produce the Barossa and its surrounds have to offer (my favourite being the flavoursome Scotch fillet with a side of potatoes peas and kale…YUM).

I absolutely could go on forever, though I may have to refrain. Instead, I encourage you, my fellow adventurers, to take the trip to soak Seppeltsfield in for yourselves…

…The little place with a big to-do list :: the real-life tropical dreamland :: a local produce paradise :: satisfying in literally every way.

Where is your little SA paradise?

Kirsty xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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