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How incredible is it to live in a world where women are powerful enough to start saving the planet? That’s the story behind Hideyhole, an accommodation/ environmental project that is working to preserve our beautiful home among the gum trees.

It all started with Jasmin.

Jasmin and her husband Gus have lived on the property for the past 18 years, with their incredibly charming son Ori. Jasmin works as a Wildlife Conservation Biologist at Adelaide University, and her passion lies with Australia’s beautiful landscape, our furry friends and even the creepy-crawly insects that keep our water thriving.

As their family grew, living on a large property in a small cottage became a little too squishy, which led to Gus building a tiny wooden hut for Jasmin to work from — or, just to escape to when she needed a little bit of breathing space.

This all worked out just fine, until the state government budget (initially allocated to conservation) was cut down, and funding was stripped right back. Jasmin was overcome by a need to help build up the funding that allowed her to continue her work — the funding that allowed our beautiful SA to keep its rolling hills and green shrubbery.

Enter — Hideyhole. This small workspace-turned-accommodation has been transformed to sleep one or two people, with all of the comforts of a normal getaway. All of the money raised from holiday-makers goes back into conservation (or improving the Hideyhole space), while still giving their guests the experience of a lifetime.

Hideyhole sits on a block of land that used to be a market garden, with wild apple and plum trees still producing fruit each year. There are walking trails all around, wildlife hiding in the bushes, and an incredible stillness that you just don’t find in the city. During your stay, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in nature — even the shower is completely outdoors!

Jasmin and her family welcome you to make it your own experience. If you want to bring your own food and wine, go for it. If you’d like to pre-book a three course meal to enjoy on the Hideyhole deck, then Jasmin and her helpful little man Ori will make it happen, providing a home cooked meal. Breakfast is included in your stay, and along with the usual continental ingredients, you’ll also find a new parcel hiding underneath your deck each morning, with fresh eggs from Ori’s chooks, bacon, roast tomatoes, and any other treats that Jasmin has whipped up.

You don’t find many experiences like this in South Australia, and we feel so blessed to have visited. More than anything though, we feel grateful that we have people like Jasmin, Gus and Ori in our world, continuing to make it a better place.


Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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