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My friend’s mum is how I imagine Maggie Beer to be at home. She’s an amazing cook and every time I’d visit her, there’d be endless trays of biscuits, sweet treats, homemade bread and delicious relishes sitting on the bench, waiting to be eaten! Sometimes I wish my friend still lived with her parents, so I could go over there and indulge.

This is an old recipe which she may have found in a 1990’s magazine — nobody can remember where it came from.

Milo Cookies. A perfect cure for winter time sadness.

Hayley xx




185 grams of butter

¾ cup of brown sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 cup of Milo

¼ cup of water

¼ cup of self raising flour

1 ½ cups of plain flour

2 teaspoons of butter (for icing)

1 cup of icing sugar

3 teaspoons of milk

½ teaspoon of vanilla essence

2 tablespoons extra of Milo (for icing)


1. Beat butter and sugar in small bowl with Bamix until light and fluffy. Add egg, beat until it’s combined.

2. Transfer mixture into large bowl, stir in Milo, water, self raising and plain flour and mix well.

3. Roll level teaspoons of mixture into balls, place on greased oven trays, allowing about 3cm between each ball. Try not to eat too many as you go! Flatten slightly and bake in oven at 170 degrees for about 20mins — until they’e browned and firm. Take them out of the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

4. Combine extra butter, sifted icing sugar, milk and essence in small bowl. Mix well. Spread icing over the cold biscuits and sprinkle extra milo over the top. It should make about 30.

5. Dip them into milk and feel like a kid again.



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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