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Grazing platters can induce panic attacks for those who don’t know how to put together a world-class “ploughman’s lunch” with all the trimmings. But for those in the know… well, they probably have Spring Gully and Leabrook Farms to thank.

It’s quite the reality check if you’ve ever put your hand up to host an event or a little get together, then realised you haven’t got a clue where to start. If your standard routine is a soft cheese and something crumbly on crackers, it’s time to up your game. Think cheeseboard; then think much bigger!

A traditional English ploughman’s lunch is built around bread, cheese, onions and pickles. From there, you can add all your gourmet deli meats, relishes and exotic fruits. With the right produce, you’ll be able to create a vibrant platter that has endless pairing combinations for your guests to choose from.

Photo :: Naomi Giatas

Here are a few to try out at your next catch-up:

1. English tea sandwiches
Spring Gully has so many delicious pickles and relishes to choose from for your delicate little sangas. For maximum impact, just make sure they’re tiny and have the crusts cut off.

2. Vine-ripened tomatoes with bocconcini and Spring Gully Sweet Spiced Gherkins
The sweet tomatoes and lightly-spiced gherkins pair beautifully with this low-fat cheese.

3. Crostini with goat’s cheese and Leabrook Farms Australian Garlic Infused Capsicum
Mini toasts love nothing more than a generous scraping of goat’s cheese and pickled vegetables on top.

4. Fried halloumi with prosciutto and a Spring Gully Cocktail Onion
If you could enhance your favourite deli meat with slightly salty halloumi and a zesty pickled onion… why on earth wouldn’t you?

5. Homemade Sweet Chilli Philly
If you can’t find it on the shelves, simply make your own! Step 1. Invert your light Philadelphia Cream Cheese on a plate. 2. Pour Spring Gully Sweet Chilli Sauce over the top and garnish. 3. Devour.

You’ll find the Spring Gully and Leabrook Farms entertainers’ ranges in your local independent supermarket.

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