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By the Adelady Team

If you’re umm-ing and arr-ing about joining the Puratap club – here’ s everything you need to know about SA’s ingenious invention – The Puratap.

1. It tastes SO much better!

Firstly, let me start by saying that in general we all know that water is pretty much tasteless. But you know that weird vibe that makes you walk all the way downstairs to fill up a glass of water instead of filling up from the bathroom sink right next to your bedroom because it tastes better – that’s a real thing! Anyone that has a Puratap in their kitchen knows that the filtered water is way tastier, because it removes 99% of those awful chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and trihalomethanes in it (try spelling that one without Google Dictionary). So you’ll have tasty water with less chemicals on tap at all times!

2. It is way more cost effective than bottled water.

So let’s just use a real life example – if you buy a $3 bottle of water every day for a year, you’d be up for around $1080. If you buy a Puratap it’s a never ending supply of water with a one-off fee and then $76 a year for a filter change.

3. Does anybody else worry about the link between tap water and your health?

There have been many studies on long term exposure to chemicals and your health.

A Puratap has been scientifically proven to remove a significant number of chemicals from your water, including 99.9% of the chemicals listed on the Puratap website. Testing from the Australian Water Quality Centre has certified that a Puratap can remove chlorine, chloroform, herbicides, pesticides and trihalomethanes, amongst other things.

To learn more about these potential impacts to your health, head here.

Many taps that you can purchase could also be leeching lead into your drinking water, which is highly toxic to infants and pregnant women. That’s why Puratap only uses polyma-inserted, lead-free taps and have been doing so for YEARS!

4. What about bottled water?

I mean, no hard feelings to Puratap but it’s tricky to carry one of those around in your purse (I’m certain they’ll invent it one day), so sometimes you need a drink bottle for those on-the-go moments. But DID YOU KNOW that plastic bottles infuse chemicals into the water too, which then go straight (do not pass GO do not collect $100) into your blood stream? But you CAN use a BPA free water bottle for those on-the-go moments. You’ll drink more water, and you won’t be ingesting chemicals with every sip.

5. The kids are way more likely to drink from a Puratap.

Don’t underestimate your kid’s tastebuds – they’re much more powerful than our old saggy dried up ones. We’re not doctors, but we can guarantee from experience with Hayley’s kids that your kids WILL drink more water when it’s from a Puratap.

6. The style! It’s soooo stylish.

This is the point that got us over the line and into the Puratap display store – the style. I think it’s fair to say that we quite like (ok, love, adore, cherish, worship) the chance to accessorise everything in our lives, and that includes our kitchen spaces. Once we realised we could use our Puratap as a feature instead of a plain and boring tap, we were on board – you can choose from the classics like chrome, through to classy black, rich gold, on-trend copper look, and the very popular brushed stainless steel look. Hayley was won over in seconds and bought herself a brand new rose gold look Puratap! And now her kitchen is oh so stylish!

7. You’re supporting SA

A family owned and operated business right here in SA. Need I say more?

8. This may or may not be a legit reason but they DO have the best (and catchiest) jingle EVER!

“Puratap, the purest water on taaaap… Puratap”

(If you didn’t quietly sing that line to yourself then I’m afraid you might be dead inside).



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