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By George from Kalymnos Pastries :: G-Fresh Spices 

As seen on Season 3 of Adelady TV, on Channel Nine.


Please note: simply adjust quantities according to how many people you’re feeding.

Chicken thighs

Lamb (backstrap or shoulder)

Pork (backstrap)

Prawns (shells removed)

Corn (husks removed)

G-Fresh Greek Seasoning

G-Fresh Garlic + Rosemary Seasoning

G-Fresh BBQ Chicken Seasoning

G-Fresh Sea Salt Flakes (Citrus)

G-Fresh Popcorn Salt

1/2C olive oil (plus extra to drizzle meat)

1/2C fresh lemon juice

Souvlaki sticks

Fresh parsley (chopped finely)

Lemon wedges (to garnish)

Preparing different meats:

Prawns: Remove shell from the prawn (you can leave tail on) and thread onto the souvlaki sticks. Drizzle olive oil over shelled prawns, then season generously with G-Fresh Citrus Sea Salt.

Pork: Cut pork into cubes. Thread cubes onto sticks (about 4 cubes per stick). Drizzle olive oil over pork, then season generously with G-Fresh Greek Seasoning.

Lamb: Cut lamb into cubes. Thread cubes onto sticks (about 4 cubes per stick). Season generously with G-Fresh Garlic + Rosemary Seasoning.

Chicken: Cut thighs up into bite-sized pieces. Thread pieces onto sticks (until stick is full). Drizzle olive oil over chicken, then season generously with G-Fresh BBQ Chicken Seasoning.

Preparing corn:

Make sure husks are removed and drizzled with olive oil. Season generously with G-Fresh Popcorn Salt.

Cooking Method

Firstly, prepare your BBQ so that it’s nice and hot (charcoal BBQ is delicious, but if you don’t have, a normal BBQ will do nicely!) Soak souvlaki sticks in water for an hour or so before use – this stops them from burning on the BBQ.

Once your meats have been prepared, place on grill of BBQ and cook for a couple of minutes (each side) until cooked through. Please note: prawns will need less time.

Corn is ready to come off BBQ when it is coloured slightly. You can add more G-Fresh Popcorn Salt while cooking (if desired).

Prepare an oil and lemon juice bath by combining the 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice in a large dish. As you remove each souvlakia from the BBQ, dunk in the oil and lemon juice bath, to keep meat succulent and juicy. It also adds a nice sheen!

Sprinkle all dishes with chopped parsley and serve with wedges of fresh lemon. This dish goes really well with a fresh Greek salad on the side.


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