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As seen in Adelady magazine | Issue 1

With Australia’s Violet Crumble now safely back in South Australian hands,
what better way to turn it into a treat than with this ice cream slice?

Image credit ::  Naomi Giatas 

Prep :: 10 mins
Freeze :: 5 hrs
Makes :: 12


1 ½ packets malt biscuits
2L vanilla ice cream,
softened (not melted)
4 Violet Crumble bars


Line a slice tin with baking paper. Place a layer of biscuits (no more than half) in the tin.

Roughly chop Violet Crumble bars.

Place ice cream in a large bowl. Fold Violet Crumble through the ice cream.

Pour the ice cream mixture over the biscuits and then top with remaining biscuits.

Freeze overnight.

To serve, cut into sections and enjoy immediately.

Tip: take it up a notch by spreading the slice with melted chocolate and sprinkling crushed Violet Crumble over the top, or cut into sandwiches and let the kids dip into the chocolate and a bowl of crushed Violet Crumble.

Image credit :: Naomi Giatas 

Laura Bakhtiarian

Laura Bakhtiarian

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