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By Millie Looker

Welcome to Angove Family Winemakers and St Agnes Distillery, where you can see the process of a legendary SA spirit being made while you enjoy a taste of organic wine.

Let us start by saying that this place is LEGIT. Every where you look there is a different sized barrel of brandy or a bottle of organic wine, which for people that love both (me) is basically a dream come true.

These brands are “same same, but different”. The Angove family owns and operates both but they each have a totally different purpose — well, a totally different alcohol product at least. Talk about a multitalented family, right?

Angove Family Winemakers

This beautiful cellar door caught me momentarily off guard, since I was expecting wine but stumbled upon cabinets of brandy, shelves of local produce and displays of jewellery as well! The wine that is produced here uses organic grapes and is vegan-friendly, which is a new and exciting addition to the wine market as a whole.

They’re actually the largest organic winery in Australia, in the heart of the Riverland – now that’s pretty cool! The idea of coming along to the cellar door for a wine tasting but being able to check out a local art show as well is genius — there’s nothing we love more than locals supporting locals!

St Agnes Distillery and Tours

Well this is certainly a once in a lifetime experience — a tour of a legendary SA brandy distillery! The distillery is huge, with different barrels, tanks, engines and people working their butts off to create a product that we all know and LOVE.

The tours have only been operating for about 6 months, and they are a unique take on your typical “tasting” experience. You’ll learn all about the incredible history of the distillery which can be traced all the way back to 1910, when there was an oversupply of dried sultanas. You’ll learn about the entire process of making brandy, you’ll hear how the waste is recycled to create nutrient rich land, you’ll get to taste-test straight from some of the barrels (little fun fact for you: the smaller barrels hold the really high-end brandy!) before taste-testing the brandy that has won Best Brandy In The World 3 times over!

If you’re looking for a slightly different take on a wine tour, then this is a great way to experience another one of the incredible family businesses located in the Riverland.

Thanks for the tour, Richie! x

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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