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There’s just something about the Seawall Apartments that makes our heart’s happy.

Image credit: Seawall

You know those places where you arrive and immediately feel at home?

That’s how you feel when you drive through the gates and catch a glimpse of the esplanade, with the ocean stretched out right in front of you.

Image credit: Seawall

Immediately you’re greeted by some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, who just genuinely want you to relax and enjoy your time away from the rest of the world. It helps that they love a glass of bubbles and a cheese platter too — they’re really our cup of tea!

Looking around the rustic decor you can see that all 22 apartments + surrounding courtyards and decks are PACKED with family history. The beautiful Rachael who owns and runs Seawall Apartments (you go girl!) lived in the original house as a 7 year old girl, when her father first decided to settle by the sea. From there, the business continued to grow along the shore with it now stretching across an old school, chapel, 2 houses and some split level apartments.

While many of the apartments line the waterfront, it’s not just those A-Grade ocean views that make this place so special — honestly, I’m writing this while I sit in the back courtyard on a big comfy couch that could fit my entire family + the dog, and I couldn’t be more relaxed.

The apartments back here feel quiet and cosy, and they’re still just a stones throw from the beach. Looking around you can see plenty of secret little nooks and split level decking to create a private atmosphere while you enjoy the fresh air and soak up that sun!

We’ve been treating Seawall Apartments like our own secret little escape, but finally we’ve decided to stop being so selfish and SHARE it with the rest of Adelaide + beyond. It doesn’t matter if you live nearby or a short plane ride away, if you have a brood of kidlets you want to bring along or just spoil yourself with some me-time, you must put Seawall Apartments on your list of places to visit. And make sure to say hi to Rachael and Mardi from us while you’re there!

Thanks for the TLC Seawall Apartments, we love you xx


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