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By the Adelady Team

The birds are chirping and the bee’s are buzzing — and no, we aren’t about to have “The Talk” with you. We have officially entered that balmy time of year where laziness meets perfect weather, and it’s 100% acceptable to eat every meal as a picnic in the park.

The only problem with picnicking is that you have to pack up a billion little containers of different foods, complete with as many ice packs as you can fit in your freezer so that you don’t *accidentally* give someone salmonella. Yikes.

Enter — Uber Eats. Our one true love (sorry to Hayley’s husband) has officially changed the picnic game and made it 1,000,000% easier** and that makes our hearts VERY happy.

** this statistic may or may not have been made up

Here are our top PICK(nics) from Uber Eats

1. Cascada Cafe

2. Bambi & Co

3. Salsas Fresh Mex Grill

Image Credit :: Uber Eats

4. Bomdia Bowls Acai Bar

Image Credit :: Uber Eats

5. East End Yiros 

Image Credit :: Uber Eats


Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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