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Guest blog by the amazing Sally Sanders, Co-Founder of MOO Premium Foods

As a mum of 4, I know a thing (or twenty) about staying sane as a busy, working parent. In the lead up to Mother’s Day, here is my ultimate ‘mum survival tips’.

You’re welcome.

Sal x


1. Bedroom doors are your best friend- shut them and don’t worry about the mess! Admittedly this has taken me 10 years to accept and I am still known to go into a cleaning frenzy every now and then and bellow instructions/threaten to throw out everything within reach. A new puppy is a great cleaning tool, everyone starts picking up their stuff when they know the ‘small chewing machine’ can get to their treasures left on the floor…

2. Arguing with your children about whose turn it is to look after that very cute “yes, of course we will look after it for ever and ever” puppy (or any other chore for that matter) is exhausting. Having a set day during the week for each child to do all the ‘pet jobs’ or chores has been much more successful- and the others can sit back and look smug when it’s not their day!

3. When asking a 6 year old to put something away you need to be quite specific, otherwise any available spot seems to do. The nearest chair, the bathroom cupboard, anywhere except where it was meant to go.

4. Having lots of small children means there are times when someone/all of them, need time out. We have a permanently set up Art Centre using IKEA kitchen baskets filled with textas, pencils, glue and crafting supplies. They just take themselves there when they need some quiet creating time. PS I have learned to never leave glitter out without supervision- even though those shakers look like they have small holes, they can let a lot of glitter out in a few seconds, and that stuff goes EVERYWHERE.

5. Online grocery shopping is the best. There have been many nights where I have hit send at 11:59pm and had a full trolley of groceries delivered or ready for pick up the next day. It is quite rewarding to be able to shop while watching TV/waiting at sports training/school pick up.


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