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Don’t let a simple pimple ruin your day — turn to Rose from Elixir Skin Fitness, and let her work her face magic.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re feeling hot to trot and then BAM — there’s a killer blind zit making itself at home on your forehead. If you’re anything like me, it will erase your beauty buzz and make you feel a bit self-conscious for the rest of the day.

These once-off breakouts can be frustrating, but are usually easily explained. Perhaps you didn’t wash your face after a night of cocktails, or it’s that time of the month. But what about the breakouts and skin issues that are more than just a pesky pimple? The flare ups that cause inflammation, pain, discomfort, low confidence and, worst of all, seem to have no solution?

We’re back with our skin guru, Rose Bonasera from Elixir Skin Fitness, whose holistic approach has led to many success stories when it comes to tricky skin. There’s a reason why we only trust Rose with our faces — it’s because she’s simply the best.

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How do you help troubled skin?

There is so much I can talk about when it comes to inflammation of the skin and it’s certainly a passion of mine when I work with my clients. This is where a holistic approach to skin health is essential!

Holistic means looking at the whole person — at Elixir, we don’t believe you can just purchase a procedure or a miracle product. I make sure my clients are being educated along the way, so they understand why they are experiencing these problems. It means thinking outside of the square when it comes to their skin health, and adapting to a lifestyle that will bring them a clear, healthy glow.

During the initial consultation process we delve right into the history of the client’s skin, from when they were a teenager through to their overall health, gut health, diet, lifestyle, past skin treatments and products, mindset, genetics, medication, contraception, exercise, stress, hormones and where they are in their life currently.

What are some of the skin conditions that you treat?

Inflammation presents itself very differently in every client. Examples of inflamed skin conditions include rosacea, acne, impaired skin barrier, hyperpigmentation, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, accelerated ageing, inflamed skin due to autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

Inflammatory skin conditions need to be treated very differently to a pimple or the odd breakout. I design individual treatment plans that are a real partnership between myself and my clients to achieve the desired results. It’s a team effort!

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

How can we manage our skin and flare ups at home?

It’s not just about the in-clinic skin treatment plans — we also send our clients home with an at-home routine too. That includes looking at their diet, skin products and gut health supplements.

The skin is constantly changing as clients transition through their treatment plans, which means that the at-home plans will change along the way too. I provide ongoing support and reassurance to trust in the process and remain consistent, bringing them through to the other side.

For me, it’s so satisfying to see the positive changes along the way, not just with their skin health, but in the relationship that clients have with themselves. Clearing the skin leaves clients with a level of self-confidence that creates smiles all round!

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