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By Jarrod Walsh

Ah Semaphore, you beautiful, heavenly and untapped part of the north-west suburbs of Adelaide.

You know, for almost two decades us Peninsula folk have been saying “just wait… the Port Adelaide and Semaphore area is about to boom”, and although it’s taken almost half of my life, it’s exciting to say we have finally arrived!

And when your suburb finally puts its big boy pants on and becomes the destination you know it’s always had the potential to do, what’s the first thing you look for when taking the family for an outing? 

A good café.

And thankfully you don’t have to look much further than Semaphore Road to find a first class, family focused business called Mr Pilgrim.

This is where Paul and Nadia Schopfer come in. This beautiful couple have been in the area for a few years, opening their business next to the Odeon Cinema, and more recently due to demand have taken this funky café over to the other side of the road to accommodate the demand for their delicious food and beverages.

I could sit here telling you about the coffee, if you’ve been there – you know it’s first class (like, they’ve even got the good oat milk). And the food… well I’m just saying if you order the Baked Beanz and are disappointed, I’ll pay for your next meal.

What I wanted to focus on are a few things which draw Mr. Pilgrims customers back every time.

The Music

Ever since they opened many years ago in their smaller venue, Paul and Nadia have had a different sound to their café. It’s funky without being intrusive. It’s edgy but on the cooler side and it’s modern. If you close your eyes sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking you’re not in Adelaide (in the best way possible).

The Design

With doors plastered all over the walls and exposed brick to continue the edgy look, this place brings the ‘cool’ that Semaphore has been crying out for, for 20 years.

The Dogs

Take your pup for a puppycino, and get a polaroid snap taken, to add to the spectacular gallery of fur babies on the walls of Mr. Pilgrim. 

And most importantly…

The Family

Paul and Nadia are parents to three gorgeous young girls and are family focused. The warmth they express to all of their customers each time they walk into the café is authentic. The gratitude they show for people coming into their doors is warmer than the delicious Banana Bread and the values they instil into their own daughters shines through their brilliant staff each day. 

Side note: if you have a baby, Nadia will take it out of your hands and cuddle for hours. It’s the best.

Mr Pilgrim therefore in a word, is family. And for me, that’s exactly what Semaphore should be. 

It’s the place we are grateful to have in our area, and the place people who don’t live here, wish they had in their suburb.

Jarrod x

Adelady Guest

Adelady Guest

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