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Calling all business owners and people looking for that next opportunity! Mas National is prepped to help you smash your career goals.

Never heard of Mas National? Neither had I… but now, I think they’re the bee’s knees! Mas specialises in workforce development, which means they have what it takes to catapult you and your business or career to the next level.

Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson


For over 20 years, Mas National has been delivering employment and apprenticeship support services to South Australian businesses through their team of 130 professionals. If you don’t speak ‘corporate’, that basically means that they partner up with local businesses or individuals looking to develop their career, then find the perfect apprenticeship, traineeship or other workforce education opportunity — and they work across all industries. In simple terms, they find the right pathway to advance your skills or help develop the less experienced members of your team so you can all kick goals!

The Mas National team is passionate about helping each and every one of you to become job ready and to find the right career path through transition programs and quality career advice. They’re also guns at walking into an established business, pinpointing the potential development areas and arranging for your staff to learn new skills to help your business go gangbusters.

In full bloom

Here’s a walking talking example of just what they can do… You know that giant pink building on Anzac Highway? It belongs to SA biz, Edible Blooms — the creators of some of Adelaide’s most loved edible bouquet arrangements — who have really made the most of Mas National’s expertise across the years.

“Edible Blooms started to grow quickly, which was so exciting — but it meant we had young team members stepping up to the plate and taking on leadership roles. As great as they were at their jobs, we wanted to make sure that we were setting them up for a successful future within the business and, of course, to make sure they were representing our brand well with every interaction. When Mas National reached out, we set up a meeting straight away!” says Kelly Jamieson, owner of Edible Blooms.

After one phone call, Mas National team member Kylie sat down with Kelly to understand exactly what would help Edible Blooms to keep growing, and which roles needed extra support. Before long, Kylie matched employees Bella and Madison with the perfect traineeship pathways. They each took on the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

Now, a few years down the track, Bella and Madison have finished up their traineeships. “The girls are both so important to our team! It’s wonderful to see them flourishing here at Edible Blooms, with the added confidence and experience of a traineeship behind them,” smiles Kelly

Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson

What’s in it for you?

To support you in reaching your workforce development goals, the friendly team at Mas works with you as the business owner or individual to understand your needs and see what Federal Funding you could be eligible for. Traineeships and apprenticeships can attract up to $15,000 in funding for the employer, and up to $5,000 for the apprentice or trainee — eligibility criteria applies. How good is that!

With Mas National, everyone can reach their full potential! We’ve all heard the story… young person gets their first job after high school or uni. Sure, it’s all new and they’re learning as they go, but suddenly, their interest peaks when they realise the passion they have for the industry they’re in. They commit to their career journey and work their way up, eventually finding themselves running the company or being a leader — something they never imagined possible. It’s the dream to hit those sorts of career highs, and with Mas National on your side, you’ll get all the experience and education you need to make this dream a reality



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